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So we recently got Salt and Light TV on our cable, and I have been watching it periodically for a few weeks, since we can’t get EWTN or anything.

What do you think of it? Personally I don’t know what to make of it, because it shows too much happy-clappy, spirit-within stuff. Testimonials and renewal. However, I love their documentaries and that they show broadcasts from the Vatican. The Daily Mass is broadcast in English and French, and they are nice too.

But right now, they are showing a Passion Play, conducted in some sort of weird dance-type style, and I fail to see the Passion at all? Even worse it’s in a Church.

Yep, this sums it up for me.

I haven’t watched a lot of Salt and Light. More Ewtn. It’s the channel just before S&L :stuck_out_tongue: But I have watched some of Fr. Barron’s Catholicism on it. And one other program for mothers, though that one I haven’t watched with any regularity. There was another … DOGmatic Theology … or something like that. But I only managed to see about 20 minutes of it and fell asleep (hehe it was 4am) …

I was wondering what others thought of it also.

I agree with mattkubes on this one. Sometimes even EWTN is a bit much for me.

I had never heard of Salt and Light channel until this thread. It would appear that I am missing little. I have EWTN through my cable system.

Amen to that.

I don’t understand why so many other Catholics have a problem with being happy or clapping.

I certainly don’t.

Lighten up a bit!

Hello Everyone. Being a Canadian myself I must chime in on this.

To save time, here’s the brief synopsis at Wikipedia:

The main frontman of the station as CEO is a priest by the name of Fr. Thomas Rosica. As for him personally, here’s his brief bio:
However, Rosica is no saintly priest. The priest has a questionable antipathy to the extraordinary form and has gone even so far as to compare those who worship in it as “Taliban catholics” (No thanks to Allen of the National catholic Reporter in the States, or as Fr. Z calls it “The Fishwrap”) Furthermore, S + L has shown questionable programming, as alluded to here in some of the postings in this topic.

Here’s the original Talibal Catholic article by the notoriously liberal/left-wing/secular Toronto Star:–let-there-be-salt-light

Here’s a bit more about the S + L controversy from a Toronto choirmaster: --> An interesting nugget. The choirmaster above got an interesting response from Fr. Rosica and well he had the gall to respond to the crude reply. The choirmaster (VOX) has since taken it off his blog, but it’s hanging around the internet permanently.

Other insights on this matter: --> This is interesitng. It reveals how much of a “politician” he is with all his connections. --> You might want to read the last Vox Article before this one and you’ll see why LSN and S + L are at odds with each other.

I will say however, that just because the CEO isn’t acting in a proper capactiy, doesn’t mean the whole house is made of sand. The youthful reporters for Daily Perspectives are good Catholics (hopefully in good standing) and some of their programs are worth a watch. They broadcast, e.g. Cardinal Collins’ Lectio Divina after the last occurence. Also I hope to catch this Sunday a program featuring a young parish priest I meant at a youth event as he’s being interviewed.

However, as a whole, I cannot in good conscience recommend S + L to anyone based on what I’ve read, and also knowing that there are MORE ORTHODOX Catholic media stations out there with more overall orthodox programming.

I don’t have a problem with it. I just don’t want to clap during Mass, Vespers, the Rosary, and I do not want to be within a 10-furlong radius of a renewal praise sock-hop.

Well that’s different :slight_smile:

Remember the forum rules, we cannot criticise an individual Priest. :slight_smile:

But your post was helpful. Yes, there ARE good programs on S+L! I just wish they would show them more often.

Thanks for the Reminder. I’ll probably get infracted regardless and I accept my punishment willingly. I should have said that there is controversy surrounding Fr. Rosica and some of the programming of S + L.

I can understand though. I’d say though in a few years, S + L might very well be a bastion of tradition in Canada…I pray. :slight_smile:

Full disclosure for those who don’t read the article:

[quote=Toronto Star]Do some Catholics complain of their proverbial dirty linen being aired in public?

“Oh, yeah, all the time,” Rosica said. “There’s a certain form of Taliban Catholicism out there right now that would like to dictate everything and, really, it doesn’t speak to the future.

“We uphold the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and respectfully differ with those who do not share our views.”

For example, in the pro-life controversy that swirled around U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy’s funeral in 2009, Rosica said Salt + Light refused to allow the network to be “manipulated and hijacked by a radical fringe of people who asked that we join in and lead the condemnation of the cardinal of Boston for hosting Kennedy’s funeral in a Catholic Church.

“There are many people who claim to be Catholic and faithful to Christ and the Church,” Rosica said. “They know little of Christian behaviour.”

Fr. Rosica was referring to those who are trying to be “more Catholic than the Church” (my words, not his), not to those to attend the EF. It’s aimed at those who seem to think that they are above the bishops (nobody here, so far as we know, is a bishop, so none of us are). You’re totally taking his words out of context.

I can tell you that I have actually met Fr. Rosica (he was at CCO’s Rise Up the last 2 years, he was the main homilist at a daily Mass each time), and he’s a very good priest. Unsurprisingly, he’s a good homilist (no idea why, but I find Basilians to be some of the best homilists). I think just to give some balance to this thread, you can listen to Fr. Rosica’s actual talks (he even had a talk on the beginnings of Salt + Light) from Rise Up 2011.

Thanks for this :thumbsup:

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