Salt body scrubs :-)


One of the last times I got a pedicure, I paid extra for a salt scrub on my legs. I loved it :thumbsup:.

I want to make my own salt scrub so I can use it at home. I tried lavender epsom salts and baby oil. Love the scent, but the salt crystals were a bit large. I plan to try sea salt or kosher salt next time.

Any other recipes? I found a few on line, but am curious what you have used and like.


I am no help with a recipe but I am just chiming in to say “ahhhhhhhh”. I like the sugar scubs better than the salt ones and I buy them, but as a pampering tool, they are wonderful!

I will stay tuned for recipes. :smiley:


I like shea butter, mixed with sea salt. Just melt slowly, add salt and for an extra treat whip with the mixer for a truly lovely experience.


I use a mixture of honey and brown sugar or regular sugar on my face once a week or so and it’s equally great for feet and legs, before shaving in particular. The honey and sugar are very moisturizing. I just mix them into a thick paste.

Another I use is salt,( just regular granulated or sea salt but not kosher salt), mixed into some heated coconut oil and olive oil, or just one of the two, coconut oil is particularly nice. LOVE this one for hands in the winter especially if you take the time to let your hands soak in the warm oil. I had my dad do this, he’s a mail carrier and has cracks like crazy on his hands in winter and this really transformed them.

Neither has a particular recipe just mix to your liking. The key is something to exfoliate (salt or sugar) and something to lubricate the granules. You can really use your imagination and mix up some fun things, I tend to keep it simple since I’m pressed for time.


I use Sea Salt (in those new grinders) and olive oil! It feels so wonderful on my hands and feet and elbows! :smiley:


I am sure all the remedies that you guys use are good but instead of such hotchpotch i can suggest you guys simple, much tidy, and never before experience by a body scrub which takes care of your skin as mother nature does. Moreover it is suitable for all skin types along with its mesmerizing aroma.


just to let you know, lavender has pheramones that help you relax, so if you veer from that scent (when you get used to it and stop smelling it ) you may loose some of the perks.


2 year old thread! :p

But I still like my lavender salt scrub.


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