Salt Crystal Lamps: Your opinions, please!


Dear CAF… One of my sisters received a Salt Crystal Lamp, for her birthday… and she’s all excited about it. I’ve done a little research, and they look kind of “New Age” to me.

So, what do you all say? Do any of you use a Salt Crystal Lamp? And do you think they are inline with Catholic teaching (or at least, not against… Catholic teaching)? Or is this just more “New Age” nonsense?

Thanks in advance, for your opinions. God bless.


They look nice and the salt might have an ionizing effect but I would take the rest of the claims with a grain of salt. :smiley: Of course the color might have a soothing effect which has nothing to do with the crystals themselves but everything to do with color and its effects on humans.


“Phemie” Thank you! Yes, I agree… they are very pretty to look at, and might therefore have a soothing effect.

Anyone else?


Sometimes a lamp is just a lamp.


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