Salt Lake officer captured Dillon Taylor shooting on body camera


From the article:

“Burbank said the video, along with the name of the officer, will be released to the public at the “appropriate” time. He said he didn’t know if that would be days, weeks or months.”

“The chief also addressed speculation about the ethnicity of the officer who shot Taylor, saying the officer is not white. Taylor’s brother, Jerrail Taylor, raised issues last week about racial profiling. He said his brother was Hispanic.”

“Police have said officers responded to a report of a man “waving a gun around.” When police arrived, they found three men leaving the convenience store. One of the men, later identified as Taylor, reportedly matched the description of the man reported in a 911 call.”


In a perfect world, this issue of whether the police officer were one race and a person they shot while trying to apprehend him or her was of a different ethnicity would never even come up. Yet we all know it does. I’d hate to be a cop these days–not that they are all good and fair and that some of them don’t go rogue and do terrible things. Yet, if I owned a store that was robbed by for instance, a black perpetrator and a white or hispanic officer tried to detain a suspect who forced the cop into a situation where the cop had to kill him, I feel sorry for the officer and his or her entire family. Every “race baiter” out there from Al Sharpton to Jesse Jackson lands on their shoulders without even waiting until all the facts come out and the officer’s life turns into a living hell where they can’t even feel safe going to their home anymore. It truly shouldn’t matter what race a criminal is or what race an officer is—yet it does. Sad indeed…


It is sad that race has to become an issue in these events. I maintain that IF a person, regardless of race, is lame enough to commit crimes of robbery, they should expect that the police have to believe they are armed and therefore dangerous. If you get shot as a result it is your fault.

The simple act of committing a crime like an armed robbery, or even pretending to be armed, is an act of violence against others. If you are one incline to pull this kind of stunt you are opening the door to your own death. I don’t like over-zealous gun happy cops, but it is pure stupidity to put yourself in their sights!

We need the police, perhaps better trained and less militant. People need to get some brains.


People need to get some brains.

Yeah, but that takes the fun out of it all. :rolleyes:

I really wish more people used their brains and common sense


I wonder if the White House sent 3 representatives to Dillon Taylor’s funeral?

Good article on this, I wonder if the media indicated where this black cop’s home is.


Yep. I think your right. Common sense? What is that? :D:D:shrug:

  1. That’s an oxymoron

  2. As a cop of 12 years, I only know one weapon (40 mm launcher used for less lethal options only) that we have that ordinary citizens cannot get.

  3. All other “military” things I’ve heard of police getting are defensive in response to the growing threat (violent crime up 500% since 1957 per FBI crime statistics as reported by body armor, helmets, armored vehicles (no weapons) etc.

Anyone remember Columbine where the shooters had more firepower than the patrol units? The Patrol units then waited 90 minutes for SWAT to show up.

  1. The tactical training is taken from the military because it’s the safest, best easiest to learn tactics out there. They’ve tested them through literal blood, sweat and tears. Why should Law Enforcement, who face some of the same threats, try to re-invent the wheel to something that is more dangerous for both Law Enforcement and the suspects?

  2. Should the Fire Dept become less “militant”? They get equipment from the military too. They use uniforms, march in formation, salute, use entry tactics and everything.




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