Salt Lake OKs Gay Rights Laws with Mormon Church Backing

The Mormon Church openly supports laws that ban discrimination against gays in employment and the housing market in Salt Lake City, helping prompt a unanimous passing.

Having spent way too much time on business in SLC, this is no big surprise to me .

That is not all that is openly tolerated / supported in SLC.

Slime pits remind me of Vegas.

Are you saying that gays SHOULD be discrimintated against in employment, or denied housing simply because of being gay?

Slime pits remind me of Vegas.

*Slime *good sir? That seems a bit cold.

I’m sorry for the word play. I was referring to the many ‘gentlemens clubs’ downtown.
Does that sound better ? Slime pit is a better descriptive term for them in my mind.
Not exactly something I expected to see in the capital city of the Mormon Church.

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