Salute to parents from you local DRE


Had 3 parent mtgs, 2 English 1 Spanish for first year parents today in CCD, once again as I do every year, I feel awe and admiration at their dedication to their child’s spiritual welfare, and their desire for personal growth in the faith. let’s hear it for good Catholic parents. even more awe-inspiring are those who until know have not done, or have not been able to do the best job for their kids in regards to the faith, and now are responding to God’s grace. Every year I am humbled by the evidence of the Holy Spirit acting in their lives and in their families. This is why I love this job. I see whole families transformed when their children encounter Christ in the sacrametns.


I thank you for the job you do…your parish is very fortunate to have you as their DRE:thumbsup:


Thank you for the work that you do as a DRE. You sound very positive about your families. Unfortunately, many of us who are not able to afford the Catholic Schools around here, and send our children to CCD, are made to feel like we are raising little pagan babies. Many of us are trying our best to raise decent Catholic children, and the negative vibes we get from other people in the parish (who are wealthy enough to send their children to the local Cath. schools) is very disheartening at times.


Dear Mommy of 4,
My heart goes out to you. You are one of the parents who deserves to be saluted. Rejoice when people look down on you in your less than opulent state. The Holy Family are aware of your trials, and they are right there beside you. Happy Advent and Merry Christmas!


there are very few Catholic schools here, it is simply not an option for most families, so even tho we know we cannot “compete” we have a commitment to providing the best RE we can for our families. Since family feeling is so strong in this culture we don’t have the fight RE programs have in some other places, of trying to involve parents and families. Also our diocesan directors of the Catholic schools and of Catechesis are members of the same order, have adjoining offices and work closely together so we feel our RE programs have the same quality as what is provided in the Catholic schools, although we have less time to teach the content, and rely more on what families teach at home.

Where I raised my children since almost every parish has a school or participates in a regional school, there was definitely a “class” system in effect and PSR is still considered a poor relation, so I know what mom4 means. Our public schools were and still are for the most part abysmal, academically and every other way, so parochial school was worth any sacrifice.


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