Salvation by Faith Alone?


To all evangelical and fundamentalist christians, as many of you know, one of the main pillars of your faith is salvation by faith alone. My question to you all is, where in the bible does it say we are saved by faith alone? As catholics, we do believed we are saved by faith, as many places of scripture clearly indicate. But I want to know is where does it say we are saved by faith alone? If you can show me one such passage, just one, I will renounce my catholic faith. Good Luck!


Do a search, there are lots of threads about this already.


Im sure the question of salvation by faith alone has already been asked, but with so many people still believing in this doctrine, it is still worth asking. Anyway, i doubt i will get any responses to this thread because the doctrine of faith alone in not biblical. The main reason i asked this question is to make those who believe in this doctrine to reconsider it.


I think you do not properly understand what protestants mean by “Faith Alone”. I’m fairly certian of it, since you keep bolding alone. Upon discussion on this forum, it usually comes down to an understanding that the protestant definition is not that different from the Catholic one.

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