Salvation for followers of non-Christian religions

What does the Catholic Church say about salvation for followers of non-Christian religions?

Was Moses saved? Was Abraham saved? Neither of them were Christian.


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Agreed. But they served the same God Christians serve.

Does God’s mercy extend to nonbelievers?

Have you seen this?

Thank you! I will read this later!

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Absolutely. Why ever would you think it doesn’t?

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I’m not saying that it doesn’t. I am saying that I don’t know because we are taught that salvation comes through faith in Jesus. I am only seeking information - not trying to make a point.

But I will read the article sent in an earlier post.

Thank you.

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Also read Nostrae aetate, which Max linked to above.

Also, an important point to bear in mind is that God’s mercy transcends both faith and reason.

Erm… Christians say that. If you ask your local Rabbi you might get a different answer. The Jewish YHWH is not a trinity for starters.


It’s not the normal way to salvation, we want all people to be Catholic, but one could be saved(I emphasize could)if they are a different faith (one way could be by baptism of desire.) The normal and best way is through the Catholic Church and even those that are not Catholic if they are saved it’s still through the Catholic Church.

One could have invincible ignorance. But also one that knows the Catholic Church to be the true Church but fails to enter it is condemned.

The official Catechism of the Catholic Church addresses this in a section called “The Church and Non-Christians” explicitly starting at section CCC 839. I suggest you just read it there rather than me having to repost a huge block quote.

Understood. Thank you.

Well I am no theologian but I think the God of Isaac, Jacob, Abraham, and Moses is also Jesus’s Father.

The reason “Christians” (specifically, Catholics) “say that” is to emphasize that the Jewish people along with the Muslim people, in the view of the Catholic Church, share in the salvation plan of the Catholic Church by worshipping a common God, the same God that the Catholics do. Therefore, in Catholic church teaching, this opens a path of salvation to them even though they do not believe Jesus is God or receive Trinitarian baptism. This is explained in the Catechism section I posted.

Rabbis and Imams may teach their people different things; however, your question is about the Catholic teaching on salvation.

Given that 1 Corinthians 10 seems to argue that the Moses and the Israelites did indeed worship Christ, it would appear that they were Christian even if Christ was not yet explicitly revealed in the flesh. The difference is given in Galatians where it says they longed to see these things, whereas we now have seen the fulfillment of the prophets and the law because it was brought about to completion in the fullness of time.

Yes. Thank you.

That about covers it. Thanks again!

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Yes, they were.

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