Salvation History in Religious Ed. Classes

I’m interested in knowing if and how, Salvation History is taught in Religious Ed programs for children.


Depends on the RE class, since they vary in quality depending on who teaches it and what materials they use.

If they are using the Faith and Life series, over the course of the series, children grades 1-8 will get a good introduction.

You can preview this series at

What do you mean by “Salvation History”, if it is mostly a history lesson about the Church and Protestantism, then in normal 1 hr. long CCD classes there is not time to go into it along with knowing what the Sacraments are, what Grace is, Adam & Eve and Original Sin etc.

I have taught several levels of CCD in my Parish and we start with the basics of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, Grace, Original Sin the Mass and the Seven Sacraments as well as the Ten Commandments (this is in K-garden and 1st grade only). When you get into the upper grades you study a bit of the Old Testament, more in-depth study of the Sacraments and a better understanding of the Ten Commandmetns and how they work for our benefit and help us to form a good conscience.

In my Catholic High School we did a Bible History segment that was a semester long but mostly dealt with the OT history.

Somehow I learned of Jesus sacrafice on the Cross for me and for my sins - can’t tell you when and where but I do know we touch a little on this in the k-garden and 1st Grade program (the years I have taught the most).

Brenda V.

in most of the textbook series approved by the bishops for conformity with the CCC, the OT is presented in 6th grade with emphasis on key events and players in salvation history. 7th grade presents the Gospels, life of Christ, and 8th Grade the Church and Church history.

Creation, our first parents, the fall and sin is presented in 1st and 2nd grade as part of preparation for first confession, and the emphasis is on God’s covenant with mankind, a God who keeps His promises, with the stories of Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham and Moses, and the 10 commandments. 2nd grade focuses on the Eucharist and sacraments of initiation, and the reality of Jesus’ sacrifice for us. 3rd grade presents the marks of the Church and fuller deveopment of the Mass, and begins presentation of the Creed. 4th grade focuses on morality, commandments and beatitudes, 5th on fuller treatment of the Sacraments.

[quote=1 Maria]I’m interested in knowing if and how, Salvation History is taught in Religious Ed programs for children.


You might want to check out this site

Thanks, everyone.

I will check out all these links.

My reason for asking this question is because our Holy Father has stated that catechesis in North America and Europe is the worst in the world which made me wonder if our kids have any idea of our ‘beginnings’.

I think knowing our Salvation History is very important. For instance, my pastor told us that Christ came to reveal Himself to man, and man to himself.

I never heard this before but it’s something I’ve always believed.


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