Salvation is from the Jews website?

I need advice of how to download and/access the recorded programs on the site “” It is all legal and available for this purpose but I am not too computer savy. I can download, legally and free, realplayer? Is that the secret? Thanks.

You need to have on your computer Real Player or Windows Media. Those are software programs you should be able to find in your PROGRAMS folder.

Windows Media comes standard with Windows based computers.

RealPlayer is something you download from the Real Networks website.

Quicktime is another multimedia player you can download from Apple, but the salvation website isn’t asking for Quicktime.

If you select the PLAY NOW MP3 icon after any of the programs on the website you should be able to listen to the program. If you aren’t able to hear the program then perhaps Windows Media was not installed on your computer when it was formatted initially.

thank you. I am sure I have windows media. I will make another attempt to download. I will download to my mp3. I will be back for more help, maybe. Thank you again.

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