Salvation of those who convert to Eastern Orthodoxy?



I do not want to get into a debate as to why someone would or wouldn’t convert to the Eastern Orthodox church.

I would like to know, however, if there is an official Catholic position on conversion from Roman Catholicism to an Eastern Orthodox church. What does the Church teach about that person’s salvation?


I think you should ask your priest, who can refer to the bishop if necessary.



Since the Catholic Church teaches that she is the universal arc of Salvation, to the leave the Church is seriously sinful. It would put one’s soul in grave danger.


Leaving the Church requires notifying the bishop anyway.


This is not something I am persuing. I know how to leave the Church.

I want to know if the Church has an official position as to how such a move would affect salvation. Are there considerations taken into account? What kind of danger are you putting yourself and your loved ones in if you made such a move?


To quote a friend’s words from another thread within this forum…

Is this thread about Orthodox?

If so, it is in the wrong forum, no?


Very helpful. Thanks.


The Catholic Church also recognizes that the EO as part of the Church, the Family of God.

I did leave the RCC to join the EOC & was told by a Roman Catholic priest whose friend is a Bishop/Metropolitan within the Eastern Catholic Church that by becoming EO we have not “left the Church” in the eyes of the RC.


This thread is asking for the Roman Catholic teaching on the salvation of those who convert to another faith. As such, it best belongs in Apologetics, where is has been moved.


Marina: With all respect, your priest was wrong (from a Catholic perspective). The Eastern Orthodox are in a partial, imperfect communion with the Catholic Church by virtue of their valid baptisms and Eucharist…but they are not properly speaking part of The Church. The Catholic Church, which teaches that she is THE one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church founded by Christ, is comprised of all those local churches (whether Latin dioceses or Eastern Catholic eparchies) in communion with the Chair of Peter (that is, Rome).


Why would leaving the church “require” notifying the bishop? Will he blot your name out of the book of life or something?


the priest made a mistake, or he did not understand your question, maybe he thinks your moving to an Eastern Catholic church, nevertheless, leaving the RCC to become an Eastern Orthodox is an act of schism and i believe is a mortal sin.


I know a Roman Catholic priest who would say those exact words, right down to saying he has an Eastern Catholic bishop-friend. He wouldn’t tell you that their friendship is a casual acquaintance, that he is struggling in his own faith and considering leaving the Church, or any other number of wonderful ideas he quietly holds (like female ordination). But he would be happy to tell you that becoming Orthodox isn’t leaving the Church, and he’d offer you his blessing to go. I’ve seen him do it.

With priests like him around, who needs enemies? :stuck_out_tongue:

Marina, (is that your Chrismation saint? In the west she is known as Margaret and is one of the 14 Holy Helpers, but I prefer the name Marina myself.)

The fullness of the faith is found in the unity of faith. The Oriental Orthodox do not have it, the Eastern Orthodox do not have it, but the Catholic Communion does have it. That communion isn’t perfect right now, and considering it is made up of humans I don’t expect it ever will be. But it is perfected by its unity in faith in and through the Lord.

It is my personal opinion that the Roman Catholic Church would not have a ruling on the salvation of any one individual who left the Church because it would fall back on invincible ignorance and other circumstances which led to the person’s conversion. With Roman Catholic priests encouraging it and assuring a person that there is no sin in leaving the Church, I would hold the priest responsible before I would hold responsible the person who trusted and obeyed his authority. What it does teach is that all those people are lacking the fullness of faith which they will only find within the Catholic Church.

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