salvation outside church

Recently i have attended some classes in one class they stressed importance the traditonal teaching Jesus christ is the only saviour and salvation through jesus olnly in other class they teached every body outside church also have salvation my confusion is is baptism necssary then

The thief on the cross was not baptized, and yet Jesus promised him paradise.

Jesus is our only savior and our salvation comes through Him.

Baptism is necessary. It frees us from original sin and makes us part of the Church which is the body of Christ. Jesus ordered the apostles to baptize believers.

It may be that God will save people who do not know Jesus if they sincerely try to follow God’s will as they know it. This does not mean everybody. You can read more about this in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

No salvation outside the Catholic Church means Jesus alone is the Savior. It dosen’t mean non-Catholics aren’t saved, it just means God is the Savior. Because Jesus is the Savior, and the Catholic Church is His Body, salvation comes through the Church (just as the Holy Spirit comes from the Father through the Son, so too salvation comes from Jesus through His Body). This means we help God save souls. We contribute to the salvation of souls by works of love and mercy: correcting sinners, comforting the afflicted, praying for the living and the dead, etc. Even forgiving offenses contributes to the salvation of souls, precisely because holding grudges makes you not want to pray for the person who sinned against you, while being loving and merciful makes you want to pray for the person. Now, membership in the Church is a requirement for salvation. But this dosen’t mean those who aren’t Catholic aren’t saved. What it means is, those who don’t commit mortal sin are saved: if a soul dies in grace, it goes to join the Church in Heaven; if a soul dies in venial sin, it goes to join the Church in Purgatory, which is where souls go to get purified of sin before going to Heaven (Purgatory is a pit-stop to Heaven for souls who don’t die in grace; God created Purgatory to save souls with venial sin from Hell, which is why the Church is in Purgatory). If a soul dies in mortal sin, it goes to Hell. Mortal sin destroys the soul’s communion with Jesus, and hence, with the Church; it puts him outside the Catholic Church, where there is no salvation. So if a Catholic or a non-Catholic die in mortal sin, he will go to Hell.

Mortal sin destroys the soul’s communion with its Savior and His Body because it is a willing and consentential rejection of God. Venial sin isn’t, so it dosen’t destroy the communion - though it dose weaken the soul’s communion. Grace stregethens the soul’s communion with Jesus and the Church. Because of this, Catholics aren’t alone in the Church; they are the official members of the Church, in light of Baptism, but not only the only members. By grace, members of the Catholic Church include Catholic Christians, non-Catholic Christians, those who earnestly seek God, those who would become Catholic if they knew about the Gospel, and all men and women of good-will. Those who at the hour of death aren’t baptized but would have wanted to be baptized if they had known about it are immediately baptized at death by Jesus (Baptism of desire), and, likewise, those who shed their blood for the Christian faith but are not baptized are immediately baptized at death by Jesus (Baptism of blood), and they go straight to Heaven because the water of Baptism cleanses the soul of sin. Like I said, those who die in venial sin go to Purgatory, but the Church is there, so they are saved too. Because God’s grace strengthens the soul’s communion with God and His Church, Catholics are commanded by Jesus to baptize all nations and to preach the gospel to all creatures. It is a commandment of love and mercy. We Catholics want souls to be as closely united to Jesus as possible, and this for three reasons: Jesus makes the soul holy, Holy Communion auguments the soul’s union to the Lord, and the more closely united to Christ the soul is on Earth, the more closely united to the Lord he will be in Heaven, i.e., the soul’s share in God’s happiness in Heaven is measured by its share in His life on Earth.

God might have a plan for salvation of those vast majority of non christian otherwise what will the fate of those non christian’s especially in countries like india where christian’s are only 3%

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