Is it true the Catholic Church teaches that only Catholics can be saved and enjoy eternal happiness with God?

The Catholic Church teaches that Jesus only founded one church, and that it is His Body. All who are in Christ are part of His Body, the Church. Jesus taught us that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and that no one will come to the Father but by Himself. He gave His Church as the means by which we would achieve eternal life with Him.

Thanks, I understand that part. But what about other Christians such as Protestants. Will they not be admitted to heaven simply because they are not Catholic?

Do you remember the parable about the manservant who was given one talent, the manservant who was given five, and the manservant who was given ten?

I believe God judge’s people according to what they are given. Being Catholic is to be part of a royal heritage and have access to very great blessings. That is like receiving the ten talents. However, also within any religion, some are given more then others. But, its what you do with what you receive that matters.

So, god will save any who strive with what they have been give on this earth, regardless whether or not they are catholic. I am quite sure that in heaven there are Buddhists who have higher places then Catholics.

Blue Knight

If you understand this then you already know that all Christians are part of the Catholic Church, since there is only one church, and all true believers are members thereof!

Someone on here put it really well: “everyone who ends up in heaven is Catholic. Even if they didn’t know they were Catholic while on earth”

Yes. And it also has never infallibly declared a named individual to be in Hell.
There is a contradiction here, which has always been a contradiction. We know that it is impossible in terms of our human understanding for a large number of people, including a lot of Catholics, to be saved, but we also have faith that God can do what seems impossible.

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