Salvini gets slap down from Italian PM as migrants offered refuge

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has accused his far-right interior minister and deputy prime minister, Matteo Salvini, of disloyalty and being obsessed with blocking immigration, intensifying an open war of words in the ruling coalition.

The renewed political turmoil threatens to derail preparations for the 2020 budget in the autumn, as Italy attempts to rein in its huge public debt.

A former academic who does not belong to any party, Conte on Thursday used the case of a migrant rescue boat refused entry to Italy’s ports by Salvini as an opportunity to settle scores with the leader of the coruling League party, which last week put forward a motion of no confidence in his government coalition with the populist 5-Star Movement.

I thought this was an interesting sequence of events, just posting.

Bringing this story up, I see another story posted some time ago, “27,000 migrants housed in Italian Catholic institutions”

It will be like as before: the Brussels-favoring unelected troika effectively running the country against the will of the people. The politics are really tangled, but it suffices to say there are powerful pro-Brussels forces in play against Salvini. These two recent articles from Zero Hedge should give some flavor of the current power struggle in Italy. The first article is from two months ago and the second one is a recent update from a few days before today’s events. The article writer is biased against the EU, but one cannot miss that Salvini’s support among the rank and file Italian people has risen enough that he felt he could proceed with his move.

Looks like promises of no immigrants, blaming the EU for Italian-created nonsense and dreams of lots of unicorns (sorry, UK term for the illusory promises of our politicians) might not be enough for Salvini’s bid to be Il Duce II.


It’s the EU’s fault that Salvini can’t form a government?

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Salvini already has a government that has been in place since the last election. He just wants a new one. What they are blocking him from is calling elections to form that new government because they know the EU will lose ground on immigration policy in Italy if they let it happen.

Hence it is in Italy as it is in the UK: populist uprising resulting in undesirable voting results provoking the EU-centric politicians in those respective nations in their opposition. Only in Italy’s case, the EU-centric politicians blocking Salvini are just slight above his pay grade.

But if the EU and the EU-centric Italian politicians continue to force the migrant boats into Italian ports, that just plays into Salvini’s hands. Many Italians are done with migrants, they don’t want any more. Their positions will harden and their numbers will increase.

Salvini either wins now or he wins a year from now. Italian public opinion is for him, and it will only intensify if a new government is formed without an election and the immigration levels go back to the bad days before Salvini was interior minister.

He called for “Snap” elections for whenever that means, he called for this last week.

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