Same Anti Catholic User in many YouTube videos

I see this guy call Asaph Vapor. I thought of becoming a Catholic. I really wanted to be a Catholic after studying for a year to see which church I should go to. Aspah vapor is anti Catholic. He literally comments on so many Catholic videos. No one can beat him in a apologetic debate. I saw like over 20 different Catholic users all debating him, but it looks like they either lost or given up. I just don’t know now. He makes really good points. I thought of talking to him. He sees a source called .
I really want to be Catholic. But this guy just doesn’t budge or get away from catholics. He’s commenting to Catholics 24/7. Please help, I don’t know if I should really be Catholic, he doesn’t care about church fathers, he says they’re falliable and the Bible is infalliable. I just give a million pieces of info, then he just replies to me and gives me info and he says 95% of RCC doctrines are not in bible, he says RCC is made in 313 by Constantine. He says most church fathers are forgeries look it up. No one can beat him, I can’t either. I don’t know if I should be Catholic or go to this guys church.

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Why would you let a Youtube poster influence your decision to become a Catholic? Seems pretty weak to me.

Being a Catholic is not about out-arguing some Internet troll. It’s about having faith. You need to stop all this flailing around the Internet and pray to God to give you the faith and strength to become a Catholic. I couldn’t care less what this Asaph whoever guy says and I’m not interested in wasting my precious time arguing with him. Maybe I pray for him.


Is that all he’s got?


Arguing with people on the internet is like yelling at clouds. This is a massive waste of your time and energy.


I just have doubts. I kept praying to God. I don’t know where to go on my path. It’s just I don’t see anyone beating this guy. He’s trying so hard to make everyone leave the church. He always uses this website called

There’s a lot of stuff.

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But I see 30 other Catholics talking to him and it looks like they all lost.

I really want to be Catholic, but I have some doubts. I researched so much. Their church, I just Don’t know how to handle it.

I just don’t want to be wrong on my decisions. I wish God could reply back to me, I just don’t now how I could listen to him.

YouTube comment sections are not the place for serious debate. Frankly, arguing in that kind of medium doesn’t attract the best and the brightest. If you want to read serious apologetics and answers to the criticisms of the church, I suggest you pick up a book and forget about some dude posting comments on YouTube from his moms basement.


“Lost” or just realized that they were wasting their time, and stopped “yelling at clouds” and found something else to do?

You have a weird idea of religion as being some kind of a jousting match where the Catholic has to “win” all the time. This came up on another thread you started too.
Catholics have already won the greatest gift ever through their faith in Jesus.
They do not need to prove their faith by winning arguments. Apologetics are okay if they involve open minds, but this Asaph guy has terrible arguments and a closed mind. It is pointless to even talk to a person like that.

Stop acting like we all have to fight and battle trolls like it’s some kind of a crusade. We don’t. You and you alone can decide if you’re going to join the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.


Let me guess, Asoph will accuse everything Catholic as fallible yet he himself will act infallible. These anti Catholics are a dime a dozen, and the only thing they agree on is that they hate the Catholic Church. They are usually disgruntled ex Catholics or they have learned their hate from others and hate what they do not understand.

Of course the Church Father’s were not infallible, but they do give us the best example of early Christianity. When some of them sat at the feet of the Apostles who would know better, Asoph or one of the Church Father’s?

Don’t be influenced by folks like Asoph. That’s why there are thousands of denomination churches, their founders think they are infallible with interpreting Scripture too.


Yeah, see this anti catholic guy isn’t quite intellectually honest.
If he dismisses the Church father’s (who were actually there as practices and doctrines were being developed) and preferring his own pet website for information, I don’t feel the need to pay him the slightest attention.


What’s the point of continuing when he just says the same things over and over, and refuses to provide any proof?

They realized he’s wasting their time. You should do the same.


He says the church fathers are falliable while the Bible is infalliable. He said, the RCC made many forgeries of the church fathers. He keeps calling Catholics church Roman Catholic Church, even though the term was made in 1800. But he keeps saying that’s wrong and I forgot his explanation. He doesn’t know about Eastern Catholic Churches at all, only Rome and the Eastern Orthodox. He says the Ignatius letters are all forgeries.

Seriously, I’d just leave him be.
No point in getting yourself into a snit over some guy on the interwebs


Same person?

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Um, Holocaust deniers don’t quit or give up in arguments either. That doesn’t make them right: it makes them incapable of genuinely listening to reason. You’re listening to someone who is hellbent on destroying the Church that Christ Himself founded. He’s irrational and frankly not too bright. Read some Catholic apologists, like Trent Horn, and get off YouTube entirely.


LOL the Ignatius letters are even accepted by the most rabid anti-Catholic protestants like James White. This guy sounds like a real looney toon getting you all worked up over nothing.

So the Church Fathers are faillible but HE and HIS interpretation isn’t? Think about what he is saying then think about who was much closer to the time of Christ – the ECF’s, or some random dude in 2019 America who decided to pick up a English bible and declare stuff.

He would know nothing about a infallible bible unless the One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church collected and preserved it for him for 1500 years prior to Luther.


Lost what? An argument? Maybe these Catholics are all uneducated in their own faith. The more time you spend on the Internet, particularly YouTube, the more doubts you are likely to have about almost EVERYTHING. Rather than arguing or debating, work on learning about your faith from reputable sources.


Assertions are cheap. And as you’ve seen, he makes factual blunders. Keep in mind, if the Catholic Church is wrong, then his “infallible” bible was discerned and collected by a false church. Kind of awkward for his side, and at that point, why would you listen to anything he says about the bible?


In the Old Testament God fed his people Manna, the bread from heaven. A miraculous bread. Today we have something even greater than the miraculous bread from long ago. We have the body and blood of Jesus, staying with us in the blessed sacrament. The Son of God is present to us. This is what the New Testament speaks of in John chapter 6. Sit with the bible and read. Let it sink in. Do you want to receive this living bread that comes down from heaven? I do. It is the most incredible good news. People have been receiving the body and blood of Christ since Christ himself instituted the Mass at the last supper 2 thousand years ago. Rejoice and be glad in this!

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