Same-Sex-Attracted Catholics Decry Papal Comments on Same-Sex Unions


Understandably as they have given up their old lives to live as devout Christians. What the pope is supposed to have said undermines that.


Um, weren’t Pope Francis’s remarks taken out of context?

No, we all kept the same feelings and interpretation no matter what because the words were the words regardless of where they were sandwiched.

This is just gaslighting.

This is the heart of it, for me (emphases mine):

For those who left an addiction to sexual sin, the papal comments feel like a rejection of their return to the Catholic teachings on chastity.

“I have worked so hard to change myself and become a different person from what I was,” said Fernandez. “I worked hard to change my values. All of a sudden, I felt like the Church was saying, ‘No, that’s okay. It’s fine. You could have stayed as you were.’ I felt totally lost and had flashbacks to all the things I used to do. But I also had flashbacks to all of the praying I had done, and all the spiritual things I had done in the last year. Was all that I did for nothing?”

For Darrow, the papal comments seem to lack any recognition of his and others’ struggles.

“Pope Francis should understand the huge sacrifice that my brothers and sisters (with same-sex attraction who are living chastity) are making for God,” said Darrow. “When we have conferences for the Courage apostolate, some of the wonderful speakers look out on us and say, ‘You are the last wall that hasn’t caved in. You are making an amazing sacrifice to be chaste.’ Pope Francis’ comments seem to imply that our sacrifice is for no reason at all. It seems that no one cares to reach out to us and even most Catholics don’t get it.”

The confusion that the papal comments have created are what bothers Evans the most.

Whether it’s unclarity over SSA or OSA (e.g. the pope’s comments back in 2016, about OSA couples cohabiting before marriage, when he said, “I’ve seen a lot of fidelity in these cohabitations, and I am sure that this is a real marriage, they have the grace of a real marriage because of their fidelity”)… it drove OSA people to tears back then, and I understand SSA people being in tears now. Because while we can know and cling to the real underlying teaching on chastity (which none of these casual words officially undo)… it does have an emotional, psychological impact when the very persons who are supposed to affirm and strengthen you in the sacrifices you’re making to do what’s right, instead undermine and discourage you by suggesting that your sacrifice is impossible, or it’s understandable if you don’t make it, or even that you’re being ‘rigid’ if you expect yourself and others to make it!

All I can see is that God must be growing the faithful in a very particular way right now, by allowing the cross of confusion and discouragement to be laid on the laity’s shoulders, from the top down. God will be with us throughout, making us stronger to carry whatever burden is laid on us. But that doesn’t excuse the carelessness of those who lay this added burden on others.


Well said as usual, MNathaniel. :slightly_smiling_face:


Jennifer Roback Morse has insisted that Pope Francis has not changed Church teaching.

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