Same-sex marriage moving swiftly back toward Supreme Court


WASHINGTON — The legal campaign for marriage equality is picking up speed, moving at a pace that has surprised even longtime advocates and increasing the likelihood of a definitive Supreme Court test as early as next year.

Efforts by some lawyers to plan a careful strategy for which cases to push forward to the high court have largely been put aside amid a rush of lower-court rulings striking down bans on same-sex marriage. The most recent came Thursday in Virginia, the first such ruling in the South.

“I don’t think there is any way to predict” which case will arrive at the Supreme Court first, lawyer David Boies said Friday following the Virginia ruling.,0,2743297.story


So-called gay “marriage” should not be legal.


Marriage is something that no secular authority has the right to attempt to define, since it’s already been defined long ago by those far more learned in such matters than any of us. If homosexuals want to have some sort of ‘union’ where they get similar benefits I see fewer problems with that but to call any such situation a “marriage” is not only selfish on their part but also quite insulting to anyone that believes in marriage for what it really is.


Sorry , i disagree , who are we to decide who will live in love & happiness ??
Suppose one of your kids is gay or lesbian ??


I’m sorry, but marriage is defined as being a union of a man and a woman.

It’s like saying an apple can be called a peach and its all good.

There is no ban on a gay person marrying. They can marry anyone of the opposite sex they can get to agree.


That wouldn’t be a fake-marriage !!

What is love ??
Who learn us to love ??
Who decides what’s love ??
Who learn us what’s love ??
Who has the right to prevent love ??




Throughout most history marriage has been contracted for reasons other than love.
Social advancement, financial gain or security, political ambitions.

Are those fake marriages too?


Arranged marriages are fake ==> incest ==> nobility !!

But , like my dad had a business , so , my parents married with a contract ,
in case they went bankrupt , but luckily that never happend :slight_smile:
Such a thing is something different , it’s money-protection !!


State statutes have been defining marriage for centuries. It is a matter of law for the people. Marriage in law is a civil contract.


The State routinely passes laws which in varying degrees prevent, promote and prohibit people’s happiness/welfare. Ideally, that should be done democratically.

Anyway, I assume you mean so long as informed consent is present.

…hey, did you know that the Belgium parliament has just granted children the legal right to give consent to their own death by euthanasia?
An interesting legal precedent about what children can do with their bodies wouldnt you say? :eek:

This is a common trope used by the gay lobby. Dragging children into a matter of adult sexuality. We arent talking about children getting married. (Are we?) :eek:

And I dislike the sexualization of children, which in the case of the gay lobby, is mostly done by assuming that children - like boy scouts - have the maturity to consider whether or not they like having sex with other males.

Does the gay lobby assert that children can give informed consent to homosexual behaviour?

And if a so-called “gay” teenager can give consent to homosexual sex with other teens, why cant they give consent to have sex with gay adults?


My prediction is that a lot of people are going to be sorely disappointed when it finally does reach SCOTUS again.


God is.
God does.
God decides.
God teaches us.
God has the right.


I’m from Belgium , i knew this almost from the beginning

To be honest , talking about healthy couples:
i don’t judge hetero , bisexual or homosexual couples !!
In fact , the way i see it , it’s none of our business !!
Or simply , i’d say: let live & let die !!
But ok , i’m not catholic , so that makes we do have a different point of view :o
But about child marriage , i agree , they are still too young !!
Also child abuse , that’s even really creepy (&) evil !!!


What about child euthanasia? What about the ability of children to consent to their own death? Does this not open a slippery slope of other things which children are allowed to consent to?


This is the last thing the marriage fight should be doing. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: People still aren’t ready for nationwide same-sex marriage, and they won’t be for a very, very long time.


So states can pass laws saying what ages people can be married, and if they can marry first cousins, or their sisters, brothers etc., but they can’t pass laws saying two females and two males can’t be married.
Our states are losing way too much of the authority they posses.


Why would what my children do have any bearing on anything?

Have some standards for pete’s sake.

Right is right and wrong is wrong. My daughter wet her pants the other night watching Caillou on Sprout. Should I now defend urinating on yourself too?


There is still time to try and make sure that marriage stays between one man and one woman.

This document sums it up pretty well:


I’m not catholic

Please , explain , 'cause everyone has a different one !!

The kid can’t do anything about , just as some people being gay !!
OK , so you don’t have to defend them , but they do exist , and why ??

Right is right:
My mom & (RIP) dad are important :thumbsup:
Well , 2 of my cousins are gay , 1 of them is married , and that’s up to them !!
Gay-people are existing , and that’s ok for me , i really don’t mind !!
I live , they live !!

Wrong is wrong:
Some of my family-members don’t like them , just because they’re gay !!
So they have a pretty nice standard: They really bloody dispise gays !!

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