Same-Sex Marriage--The Statement the Australian Bishops, "Don't Mess With Marriage"

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The Australian Catholic bishops have written this easy-to-understand pastoral letter for their Catholic people, to be distributed to all Catholic institutions there. It is beginning to gain worldwide attention. Australia’s Archbishop Prowse calls it “a robust defense of traditional marriage.”

Wow. Thank you for sharing! I’ve been looking for a resource that is thorough but concise and I think this nails it. :thumbsup:

Good stuff from Australia. :o

Excellent and logical arguments! Thanks for sharing.

Unfortunately, it will get drowned in illogical calls on “rights for equality” and “anti-discrimination”


I thought the pamphlet was great. But I know what would happen if, for instance, I shared it on my FB feed.

A great document…

However,You should see the reaction…

Gets vicious real quick…

There was a mother who was absolutely disgusted that the Catholic School that her daughter attends passed this around…

she sends her daughter to a catholic school, but shes offended by that? seems like the evil one has the best of her and many other people in this world. God destroyed sodom and gomorrah for a reason.

Same sex marriage is unacceptable.

homosexuality is the evil ones work.

Seems to me these people like the pleasures of this world more then they love the lord.

The devil is active now more then ever.

The devils smoke has entered the government along time ago.

Peter 5:8 New International Version (NIV)
8 Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

Its not bad as far as it goes.
There are a few things that may need more precisioning though:

(a) *“On this logic marriage could be further redefined to include various types of
relationships.” (see footnote “thruples”) *
Well, yes, ahem, polygamy is one such example isn’t it? While not Christian it has always qualified to be called “marriage” as far as I am aware.

(b) "This union is centred around and ordered not only to the wellbeing of the spouses but also towards the generation and wellbeing of children. "
I believe it could be argued (certainly in less recent times when the primary purpose was the second phrase) that marriage is primarily about providing a stable loving environment for the upbringing (“wellbeing”) of children which doesn’t always mean that the children actually belong to both or even one of the parents.

Some would argue that it could be a good thing to institutionalise a long term relationship of same-sex caregivers so that some of the goods of marriage (wellbeing of the children but obviously not the generation thereof) can be fostered. However, if even this could be sanctioned…this institutionalised relationship is still not worthy of the name “Marriage”, perhaps “Civil Union.”

© “But because children … are best reared within the commitment of marriage”
This idealistic generalisation is prob not helpful. Grandmothers and aunties/uncles are regularly the best place for rearing children as the bare institution of marriage is surely no guarantee that all such “committed” couples have the minimum loving relationship needed to “best rear” even their own children.

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