Same sex public displays of affection at family events

I am very troubled by a close family member who is homosexual and engages in public displays of affection with their partner in front of small children. I feel this is not appropriate. I’m lost on how to respond and I haven’t said anything yet but I’m close to just not attending these family events because I can’t bear to watch small children being exposed to this immoral lifestyle. Any recommendations?


I certainly wouldn’t attend if they are there and displaying such outright displays of affection in front of young children.


If you did say something, do you honestly think it would do any good other than getting it off your chest? How do other members of the family feel about this behavior? More specially, what do the parents think?

You’ve intensely perverted the words of the Gospel there.

I don’t even know how to address that other then saying wow.


They are very young and they don’t really notice but they are going to get older and this behavior will be viewed as normal because I see continued activity in the future. I feel it’s an open attempt to push the lifestyle into the family. The parents have sort of surrendered to this behavior. I hate to abandon the little ones to be exposed to this behavior but it is not my home and to say anything will more than likley cause more strife and division in my family. This is the scripture that comes to mind:
Mark 9:42
Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be thrown into the sea.


I think ‘intensely perverted’ is a bit strong. I would say it’s ‘another point of view’ and that the Gospel isn’t black and white.

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Kirk I really understand where you’re coming from on this and I can appreciate your concern. In this case, if they are not your children then I don’t think there’s a lot you’re going to be able to do. You could say something to this gay person and it will probably fall on deaf ears and there’s a good chance there’s going to be some serious family drama erupting from this. Also, these children are exposed to other mediums of this behavior through tv and the internet. My best advice to you is to take the moral high ground. Make your stand and discuss this with civility and be prepared to not be invited to many family functions in the future.

I disagree with that study on personal experience. These are toddlers to pre-k. Old enough to question what is going on and why.


Sadly, you are more than likely right. It’s been becoming more of a problem lately and they seem to want to be more shocking every time. I suppose I’ll show up briefly, present a gift and leave. I was foolishly hoping someone had a magic bullet. I’ll keep praying about it.


I’ll be praying for you and your family. :pray:

I hope this couple doesn’t behave immorally around kids. I wonder what would happen if you told them politely to stop because children are present? They shouldn’t get offended, but then again I don’t know how close you are to these people

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It would make me uncomfortable and I just wouldn’t attend.


I would tell the family member the truth and then tell him or her not to engage in these PDAs in front of small children. I would also keep my children away from events where this was going on since this kind of behavior might be upsetting to them as well.


The other side of that coin is, if you remain more or less tolerant and stay in the picture you can pray for the family member and be there as a good example for the kids. You should definitely pray on this and seek counsel before you take any further action.

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In this time of self-absorbed attention seeking gay couples are publicly displaying their so-called right to do whatever they feel is necessary to defy the opinions of other people. Unfortunately political correctness has become a tool to censor any ideology and opinion that doesn’t agree with the current trend.

However, you do have just as much right to be respected as they do and you also have the dignity to offer that respect in return. I would suggest in the right moment to perhaps pull aside the gay person you are more familiar with and quietly express your discomfort in their public display telling them you feel the same for any couple gay or straight.

Why should you be excluded from family events? Haven’t gay people been protesting because of their right not to be excluded? You have the same right as well.

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Practice the spiritual works of mercy in all charity. Admonishing the sinner and instructing the ignorant are part of doing that.


You are showing your kids how you will treat them if they ever step a toe off the straight and narrow (no pun intended). I want my child to see me loving people even when they are sinners, because Christ loves me even though I sin.


What exactly are the “public displays of affection”? Would they bother you if it were heterosexual couples engaging in those same “public displays of affection”? If not, then you probably are being too sensitive to the situation. If so, you have justification in approaching your relative and discussing the issue with him/her.


Being typically British I would say no to any public displays of affection. Straight or gay I just don’t care for it.


I would just like to butt in here and say that while you may not view it as normal, it has become normal by and large in society at large. That being said, they’re going to get exposed to this as they grow up and there’s really no way to get around that fact. In movies, television, at school, in books, when they go to the mall, or on vacation. I don’t mean to sound rude, but personally I believe that unless they are your children, you shouldn’t say anything, as if the parents don’t have a problem with it then it’s hardly your place to say something about it. At least without first consulting the parents as to how they feel about this.


I agree with this. I think unless the event is at your house, it isn’t your place to say anything. Of course, you’re under no obligations to go to these events but I will say I don’t believe they have malicious intentions by showing affection.

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