Same sex relationship is a SIN?W/o sex?

Is same sex relationship is a SIN? without sex?

Yes, for the same reason that straight couples can sin without actually having sex. Straight couples can commit mortal sins that do not involve sexual contact. If anything, those are easier to fall prey to from the enemy.

The difference is that same-sex relationships will never have any redeeming quality. When a couple fornicates, they can still be sanctified by getting married after repenting of sin. This option will never be open to gay couples. It is futile to hold on to anything that can never be more than brotherly love.

Clarify by what you mean by ‘without sex?’

Do you mean no touching of genitals? No kissing at all? No nudity? No hand holding?

If we’re talking about no physical activity at all, not even hand holding, then it’s not a sin, but I’m not sure they’d qualify as ‘a couple.’ And to be honest, I find it hard to believe there is any such homosexual couple who remains that chaste.

A couple things to remember, though. Even hand holding and kissing on the cheek, if it’s obvious it’s not a brotherly kiss, cause scandal in the theological sense of the word. By doing so, there’s a strong implication that there’s more going on, because, given human nature, that’s most often the case that public kissing means there’s more going on in private. Thus causing scandal and leading others to consider it, think about it, and possibly decide it’s okay and do it themselves.

Also, remember Jesus’s words that even to lust after a woman in your heart is to commit adultery. Is this couple also keeping their minds pure and chaste?

If it can be an occasion for temptation to sexual sin, then absolutely.

It is also sinful to scandalise others - that is, to lead others into sin. If an action would lead other, less God-loving homosexuals to commit grave sin - or weaker Christians who think even chaste love between two men is sinful to sin - it would be scandalous, and therefore sinful.

Judge for yourself if any of these apply to you. But judge carefully, realising your actions affect many others, and may lead many to or away from Jesus Christ, our only Love.

Isn’t that called friendship? :shrug:

It seems the first thing that needs to be defined (to determine whether or not “sin” is involved) is the term “relationship.” I am a male who holds relationships with my male co-workers, but it is a relationship based on mutual goals. Certainly the Catholic Church does not forbid same-sex work relationships, nor same-sex Platonic relationships. In fact, it seems to me the Catholic Church would encourage same-sex (work, Platonic) relationships for married men and women.

This is my question as well…

As a friendship, no it is not a sin. As a romantic relationship or if they acted and were seen as a “couple”, yes, it would be gravely wrong.

Being a “couple” is not an option.

“Two persons of the same gender” dating one another or being in a “relationship”.

Anymore that my going out on a date with a woman other than my wife is an option. I am a married man and I cannot date another. And I cannot be form a couple with a woman even if I am not engaging in any other sexual sin.

Dating and being a couple is something regarding persons of the opposite sex who are free to marry.

Chaste and virtuous friendships with various persons (avoiding near occasions etc) is a different matter and one full of life.

Friendship – even where the two persons who are homosexual-- is possible (avoiding scandal and near occasions etc). But that is friendship – not a “romantic relationship”

…and mine as well.

Seriously? This is what we’ve come to? Or did you just word the question poorly?

Before recent decades, it was a given that men would have close relationships with one another. Men in military units particularly have always had very close relationships in which guys literally trusted each other with their lives daily.

It’s only in recent decades that people have found it to be ‘gay’ if two men knew each other a bit too well. Mind you I’m assuming you’re talking about a close relationship that has emotional intimacy, not physical.


It seems you have had to post this several times in the last week. I hope you are saving it to re-use in the future. :slight_smile:


I was thinking what has happened to human communication and language. Is friendship now an archaic word, the kind to desribe a close social bond between non-relatives of the same sex rendered obscure?

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