Same-sex "wedding" on Conan O'Brien

Did anyone happen to catch this? I used to love Conan O’Brien but I felt his show got a little stale when he moved to TBS. I know he’s a lapsed Catholic as he has talked about it in the past (and made jokes about it). But I just found out on YouTube that some weeks ago when he did his show in New York, he officiated a same-sex “wedding” on his show for one of his employees.

Suffice to say, I am no longer a Conan fan.

Does he have a license from the state to perform marriages?

Never was a fan so now I have another reason not to watch him. How is it that he constantly reaffirms his Irish Catholic heritage but has become a minister in the Universal Life Church?

It seems he has. And he registered as a minster in one of those Protestant churches mentioned by Leegal below. You can see it on YouTube, I don’t want to watch it again.

He doesn’t reaffirms his Catholic faith, he just mentions he was raised Irish Catholic. And from his jokes he didn’t seem to like it that much. He mentions the Jewish faith so often that I’m not surprised if he’s already converted into the Hollywood sect of Judaism (where all the Hollywood Jews are together with their liberal ideas).

Obtaining membership in the clergy The Universal Life Church is one of those on-line things one buys, like a phony college degree. It is used by many as an income tax dodge.
I don’t think a marriage performed by such a minister in New York or California would be legally recognized…and a gay marriage in either of those 2 states would be questionable.
I think the whole thing was to get cheap publicity and ratings

I was going to say that Conan must be struggling with ratings to do such a skit.

I thought same-sex “marriage” is now legal in New York? Conan made it pretty clear it wasn’t a skit and it was for real. Or as real as it can be (in this case, legally recognized)

Sounds like all you need do is get some blank certificate paper, print up your own, and voila! you are a clergy of the Church of What’s Happening Now.

I always thought Conan was a jerk. Now I have proof.

Why? For marrying homosexuals? I’m not for that stuff, but that hardly makes anyone a “jerk”

Maybe Conan and Bill Maher can get together for a battle of angry liberals.

There’s an old thread on this, started a day or two after he performed the ceremony.
Yes, he has a license!

What shall we do about all those Hollywood Jews congregating with their liberal ideas!!!
I’m gonna sick Meltzer Boy on ya for this one…

I see my name has been mentioned. I hope Constantine realizes there are plenty of liberals in Hollywood who are neither practicing Jews nor Jewish atheists. The linking of Jewish and liberal may have been valid once upon a time, but today is often overdone, even in Hollywood.

Regarding the topic of the thread, I have no strong views one way or another. Conan is a comedian, and a fairly good one. He’s interested in attracting good ratings like everyone else in the media, and this is one way of getting them.

You must be thinking of Jay Leno :wink:

I’ve always thought Conan was funny, but I did lose a lot more respect for him after hearing about this.

Of course if he had spoken out against gay marriage he would Have be been dropped’. “woe to those who call good evil and evil good.” Also the Irish Catholic Heritage is disintegrating - & fast. Pray for Ireland.

One does not need a license to witness a wedding. One can be a notary or one can be ordained on line. I did it to prove how easy it was to get an ordination. Go here and there’s a video of Conan being ordained.

Once he gets ordained all states permit him to officiate at weddings.

Now, I was ordained under a ficticious name ( Rev. Loomis F. Dillweed, Ph.D "The “F” is for friendly) but I printed out a certificate and everything. Say Aye MEN!?

The fact of the matter is nobody can “marry” a same sex couple. Invalid matter is involved.

My feelings exactly.

Constantine, do you mean this to sound snide? Not sure if you do, so just checking.

If you heard someone say “that sect of Christianity, where all the New York Catholics are together with their conservative ideas”…even tho calling someone Christian and/or conservative isn’t necessarily offensive…putting to together in that way with that wording would sound like a put-down to you, would it not?

Sidenote: Best you don’t send any scripts you write to Spielberg.

Am I off beat with my remark? I mean how many Hollywood celebrities are proud of being Jewish yet very liberal, promoting homosexuality, changes spouses through divorce and remarriage more times than most people would change the vehicles they drive in a lifetime, promote contraception and whatever the “in” liberal topic is of the moment.

I’m not trying to attack Judaism here in general. But it does bother me that the Hollywood Jewish community is very proud of their faith (nothing wrong with that) and promote liberal ideas at the same time (that is very wrong). I mean, I know by reading Leviticus that homosexuality is forbidden in the Jewish faith. So this is bothering.

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