Same sin over and over again even after Confession

I’m a sophomore at a university. There is a church next to my campus which I visit regularly for daily Mass. If God permits, I would love to work for His kingdom as per His planning. But, whenever I think about this, that’s the time when I mostly fall into mortal sins. Then it is really hard for me to go back to my daily prayer habits. If I see the crucifix or see “The Passion of the Christ” I immediately start to cry or regain that prayer habit back.
My main issue is, I repeat the same mistakes over and over again even after each Confessions. I do ask the Lord to help me before I commit any sins with my full knowledge. Sometimes, I make the sign of the Cross to let that temptation out of my head. But, I still fall.
Does this happen to any of you? If so, how can I overcome this problem?

As my priest once said, “What, you want new sins?”

He wasn’t joking.

And yes, it is normal. It is almost like our old sins are closest to our heart. So we run to them more often.


Satan knows all the right buttons to push in his attempt to keep you from God. Keep battling with him.


This is very common. At least, it’s better than having committed new sins everytime you go.

Overcoming sinful habits is truly hard and it may take its time. But everything worth fighting for will cost, right?

I highly recommend watching these videos by Fr. Mark Mary CFR and Fr. Mike Schmitz with the Ascension Presents:

Perhaps, you may find comfort in sharing your struggles with your priest outside of confession too.

Always remember that God loves you and delights in you regardless of your sins and struggles.

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Believe me, you’re in good company with those struggles. Just keep fighting the good fight and remember that God is still there with you. He knows your struggles. :pray:t3: :vulcan_salute:t3:



Remember this one thing: you’re a human being and humans are flawed creatures.

So, be human and go to confession.


You can treat sin on two fronts: natural and supernatural. Going to Confession, prayer, short exclamation prayers - that is the supernatural front.

But there is also the natural front: avoiding situations that include temptations (if reasonable), creating new patterns of behavior (for the situations you can’t avoid), doing examinations of conscience, rewarding yourself for doing anything better, and focusing on starting over fresh when you mess up.

Sometimes you can figure out why a sin is catching you, and then you can attack it better.

Also, if you have a weak point or vice, doing opposite virtuous things can help make you stronger at your weak point. Sometimes this means coming at your weaknesses at an angle. (You don’t take someone overly fond of beer and make him a keg guard.)

Sometimes the big picture helps. Sometimes you should just focus on the next second. Figure out what works for you, with help from your priest (as well as people you trust who are wise).

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Many sins can be avoided by protecting your eyes.

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Thank You for all of your replies! Truly, all of them opened my eyes! I felt much relieved after going to a truly contrite Confession and taking these tips…
God bless!

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The most unfair thing in existence.

Unfortunately Satan is way too strong for humans.

But our Lord is stronger than him!

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If he takes him on for us. How many times does that happen?

I was listening to Catholic radio and one commentator said he should start taking a tape recorder to Confession because he is constantly confessing the same sins. God does not mind. For some people, some sins take longer to stop. It happens on a person by person level. Some may struggle with certain sins while others sin in other areas. And yes, “What? You want new sins?” The devil will be after us until we die. Pray for Christ’s peace in your heart.

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Don’t know… But Christ is everything! In Him alone is our hope!

Jude 1:20. Pray in the Holy ghost

If you don’t know how well Romans 12.1-4 Might be an answer.
1cor.14:18 I pray in tongues more than you all

Fr. Roberet Degrandis has some utube teachings

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