Samurai Jack "Christian" themes

I just wanted to see if anyone else had these opinions…

If you’ve ever watched Samurai Jack, the cartoon, it seems like it has themes of suffering, journeying, and laying down oneself for others.

Granted some episodes get into ancient magic or whatever…but…the main character is somewhat Christ-like, even wears a white cloak, defending the good from evil, freeing the oppressed, always exhibiting humility, and suffering in his lonely journey all the while. Anyone else think this?

I know the show’s creator is Jewish. There was a good documentary on his life.

No parents out there? No oriental cartoon fans?

Another theme that runs through the entire series is honoring your mother and your father.:slight_smile: And defending those who cannot defend themselves.

Samurai Jack may be Christian-themed but it’s not an oriental cartoon. I have a friend who’s really into it and I think I’ve seen one or two episodes at his request.

Maybe that was too few to catch the symbolism.

Now Rurouni Kenshin—there’s the story of a killer who vows to never kill again, and lays down his life in service to the weak.


Yup; thought as much; it’s an American cartoon.

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I’ve had this show on briefly in the background when my oldest kid was a baby. I just remember how odd I thought it was. I think finding Christian themes in a tv show, book, or whatever shouldn’t be any kind of surprise. JudeoChristianity and its themes have colored society for more than 2000 years now. It’s only natural that its themes rub off on the popular culture. There are stories of practically every shade in the Bible.

Actually some have said that Samurai Jack follows a pattern close to Nietszche’s superman. Of course Nieschze, although not a theist in the least, had a respect for christianity or what he percieved to be Christianity. He seemed to view christianity as pillar of power to civilize the barbarians by force. Nieszche believed in the perfect man who was smart and physically strong who would dominate others. Ir’s where the Nazi Eugenics thing came from.

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