San antonio, tx in february or march?

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**you were so helpful the last time I asked a travel question that I’m going to ask another.:slight_smile: **

dh might be wanting to take us on a business trip there for about 3 - 5 days.’

can anyone tell me if there are any family activities down there that time of year? museums worth seeing, parks,… open to ideas…


there are always family activites in SA
alamo of course, but do the whole mission trail, on tour bus or on your own, one of the missions (still an active parish church) has all the old buildings open and working

children’s museum

buckhorn saloon (I hate it but grandkids love it)

river walk must take the boat ride

the mercado, eat at Ma Tierra

the Cathedral, spectacular, try to get to Mass there if possible

also shrine of St. Theresa of the Little flower, an easy busride from downtown, another must see

Lourdes Grotto at Oblate School of Theology, there is a plenary indulgence this year (under the usual conditions) for a pilgrimage to Lourdes or a grotto where this apparition is venerated

don’t know if sea world and fiesta texas amusement parks are open, check the internet

off the riverwalk, the Mall has an IMAX theater, it always has the Alamo movie, also other selections.

botanical gardens

the internet site has all the info, and discount tickets for a lot of stuff

you will like shopping in La Villita, kids probably won’t be thrilled but they will enjoy riding the trolley all around downtown.

There’s plenty to do in SATX. Start by going to Sea World in the NW part of town. There are 7 old Spanish missions worth seeing, starting at the Alamo and going south. A Grey Line tour can probably take you to all of them. The Witte Museum in on Broadway and is quite interesting. In that same area is Brackenridge Park and adjoining it is the SA Zoo. If you like basketball, the SA Spurs will probably have a home game during your stay & some games of March Madness will probably be played in the Alamodome. I could go on, but I’m not sure what interests you.

And you must drive around the Loop, and stand outside the Alamo Dome.

Eat at Bill Miller’s BBQ. Good eats at a cheap price! Get a quart sized iced tea, sweet or unsweet.

Nobody does Golden Corral for breakfast like San Antone. Migas on the bar, and the price is right for your crew.

Pissano’s on Basse has great Italian.

Little Red Barn is not bad, and has a good price.

If you are doing the Riverwalk, I prefer Casa Rio and Countyline. Very fond of Jim Cullum’s Landing. You have to like Dixieland, though.

Don’t forget the Space Needle, Institute of Texan Cultures, and the bases.

New Braunsfels Smokehouse on Heubner!!!

And drive out to New Braunsfels. The water park won’t be open, but there is more shopping, and there is a very German theme going on.


You all realllyyyy make me want to travel to SAn Antonio, TX!!! :thumbsup: :wink:

The zoo is open year round here and is pretty affordable. Brackenridge park behind the zoo is fantastic and has lovely trails to walk. We go once a week. :thumbsup:

February and March are great times to be in Texas - especially if you can get there when the wildflowers are blooming.

Go to and order a copy of the free Travel Guide. They’ll have a whole section on San Antonio.

Our favorites are:

The Riverwalk ( and surrounding area. You can walk to the Alamo ( and La Villita . On the Riverwalk, Casa Rio is our favorite restaurant as well. It’s been there since 1946. Food is great and prices are very reasonable. Another great place for lunch in the Riverwalk area is Schilo’s Delicatessen (serving since 1917).

Also downtown is the Institute of Texan Cultures. Tons of great living history: The Tower of the Americas is a great elevator ride and view, but it’s fairly expensive.

Breakfast or lunch at the Guenther House: and then drive around the King William historic district - gorgeous, historic houses. One is a museum, but we haven’t made it in there yet.

The Witte Museum ( is free on Tuesdays from 3:00 - 9:00pm. This museum has lots of natural history and ecology exhibits that kids love, as well as the H.E.B. Science Treehouse for hands-on science activities.

Try to get to the old missions ( They are fairly close together. If you can only go to one, I’d recommend the Mission San Jose.

Natural Bridge Caverns:

San Antonio Botanical Garden:

Hope you can go for 5 days instead of 3!!

What the others have said. SA is ~5 hours from me (just north of Houston), and is my #1 travel destination (even though Galveston is < 2 hours in good driving). My trips are usually long weekends, and what I do is usually a matter of deciding what I hadn’t seen or done in the longest time and what cousins in the area are interested in tagging along to (or have a discount for).

I was totally disappointed in Mi Tiera’s last time. I was also totally ecstatic about La Fugata’s just a little north and west of downtown.

For the cigar lover, stop at the Finck factory store off 410 north.

For a Catholic, the mission tour is a must. The Alamo is nothing compared to the rich history of the one’s south of downtown.

I also have to second the suggestion of St. Terese Shrine.

Awesome. There are so many things to see here in San Antonio. Seaworld & Fiesta Texas maybe open during the time you are in SA. Well Seaworld will be open in March.

I am not a big fan of the Alamo, but the other missions are awesome. My husband and I were married at Mission San Jose.

San Antonio Zoo is fun and take a ride on the Train :slight_smile: Market Square and La Villita make shopping interesting.

Main Plaza in downtown San Antonio is currently under construction but San Fernando Cathedral is still having services. I can see it from my office.

Oooh would be nice if you were visiting in mid April for Fiesta. An awesome party :slight_smile:

I, too, can go on and on about things to see here.

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