San Diego bishop instruct pastors to avoid political endorsements, condemnations [CC]


Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego, California, has instructed all the pastors in his diocese to refrain from endorsing or condemning political candidates in this year’s election.



I love our Bishop…thank God I have such a wise shepard!


Nothing new.
Our Archbishop doesn’t want politics discussed in homilies either.
Much of it has to do with ta exemption laws.

That doesn’t mean pastors may not cover morality, a well formed conscience, etc.


Bishop Robert was speaking more of bulletin inserts rather than homilies…when he speaks of veiled comments he’s speaking of implied condemnations against voters not pulling the lever for the preceived “only candidate a Catholic can vote for”.


Oh, okay. We don’t do bulletin inserts. We find that most people paper the floorboard of their automobiles with them.
It’s hard to get people to even read a bulletin. :shrug:


Wonder if this is what spurred the San Diego Bishop to make his statements.

“San Diego Catholic church says devil works through Hillary Clinton”

A Roman Catholic church in San Diego told its parishioners the devil works through politicians like Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and warned that voting for Democrats is a “mortal sin,” according to local media and the church’s website.


Hmm… There are people actively working to strip tax exemptions anyway. What happens if they are successful? And frankly, the people wanting to do this tend radical left. They want to control the message, and if that doesn’t work, then tax us out of existence. I understand the injunction to silence is a matter of strategy, but we’re in a confrontation whether we want to admit it or not. Our ideological opponents have shown they aren’t content to leave us alone. And if we won’t speak the truth of what the Church teaches, then they are winning. We cannot be silent. It makes sense to cry out loudly before we are too maimed to do so. We are free to vote third party, and I am following the leadership of my Bishops in stating we may not vote for pro-choice candidates. This division is snuffing out our lamp stand.


That’s not what he said, though. He was strictly talking about homilies and parish bulletins and inserts thereof because it could jeopardize their tax status.

He said nothing about “condemnations against voters” etc.


True. Just as we are free to donate nothing to help the poor. But freedom of choice doesn’t mean it’s the moral choice to refrain from opposing the evil of anti-Catholicism as promoted by Hillary Clinton.

Some things ought to be obvious.


Here’s his full statement:

Catholic teaching points to the importance of several major issues in this presidential election year: abortion, poverty and economic justice, the environment, euthanasia, immigration, religious liberty, and solidarity within society. This final issue of solidarity has a particular importance at this moment because the very democratic impulse which is the foundation for our national unity is being eroded by partisan venom and personal attack.
In this environment, it is vital that all institutions in our nation participate in discussions about the election with civility and balance. It is particularly vital that religious communities do so.
This duty has been violated by one of our parishes, and thus it is essential to make clear:
    It is contrary to Catholic teaching to state that voting for a Democrat or Republican automatically condemns the voter to hell;
    It is contrary to Catholic faith to state that gun control legislation is a form of slavery;
    It is contrary to Catholic faith to fan the flames of hatred against Muslims or any religious group.
The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has issued a comprehensive statement on the substantive implications of Catholic faith for the current election.
It can be accessed at []( I urge all Catholics to consult these teachings, pray about the vote that you are going to make, and then in conscience select the candidates whom you are going to vote for in this very difficult year.


Many solid Churchmen such as Bishop Conley disagree with you. So perhaps things are not as obvious as you think.


Yeah, I think the pastor of that parish has to find out who’s gone rogue with the bulletins and keep whoever it is away from the document software.


It must be nice being so devout and pious! :rolleyes:


Reading the political polemics on CAF is as bad as listening to CNN, FOX, and MSNBC on satellite radio in the car.

But it’s like watching a car wreck. I can’t look away. :rolleyes:


Just think! If Trump looses we get to hear this tape recording for four more years! :rolleyes:


Depending on the outcome of the election next week though, the church is going to have to take some kind of stand eventually, what kind of church would it be if they just stuck their head in the sand and avoided controversy, especially if they are doing so only for their own financial and legal safety/ security.

Jesus warned us “they would hate you as they hated me, they will arrest, imprison, torture, kill, etc all due to my name”…if no one dares speak a single word of opposition in fear for their own security, I dont see anyone hating christians or the church…? Sometimes standing up for something and making your beliefs well known, even if it seems a terrible thing to do, is just the only thing to do.

We need to stop being so concerned with our quality of life in the secular world.


Jesus did not say we must be hated all the time. He warned us that when it happens, we should not lose heart but rejoice. There have been plenty of times and places in history when the Church was not hated by society generally. That does not mean the Church was doing something wrong. Jesus certainly didn’t mean that if we are not being hated at the moment we must go out and do something immediately to be hated for.

We need to stop being so concerned with our quality of life in the secular world.

Who do you see as being overly concerned with their standing in the secular world? Maybe Trump, who has amassed billions for him and his family to live in comfort and security?

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