San Diego: Body of missing girl believed found

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I agree with hate the sin, love the sinner-it’s part of my signature, and I pray for his soul.

Having said that, I still strongly think this person, if found guilty, should get the death penalty.

i am thankful that i am not raising a daughter in this world.

it is too dangerous and it doesn’t matter what your age is - just the fact that you are female makes you prey to the number of predators out there.

every week there is another report of a young girl or a young teenage girl or a wife or girlfriend who is missing. it is almost numbing. it is so sad.

My wife said she’s afraid to take a walk nowadays without her big livestock guard dogs. I know, my three boys, the Komondors and Caucasian Orvcharka will do the job of protecting her if attacked. She lives by herself temporily while I’m on deployment.

i am not placing any blame on the parents of chelsea king, but in the world we live in today, it is sad that a young female athlete, is not safe to jog alone in a park near her home. i am not that familiar with where this event took place as i live in arizona, but if i were a parent of a young teenage girl, i would strongly caution her about being alone in a secluded area.

i read that chelsea left her cell phone in her car while she went jogging, but more than likely she wouldn’t have been able to make a call anyway.

the tragedy is that another young life has been taken.

From what I can gather the area where she was jogging is very secluded. That isn’t smart. Also, her parents routinely told her they didn’t want her to jog anywhere alone, especially there. Personally, I don’t walk anywhere alone, but I live in a bad neighborhood and am paranoid.

That girl’s death was tragic. She was young and full of life. That being said,
people need to realize that we are not living in a world where people hold hands and sing Kumbaya together.

Off topic a bit, but from what I’ve read, Komondors are great dogs. Very loyal.

I live in a rural midwestern area that’s supposed to be safe, still I always walk in town and not after dark.

Gardner should have gotten a much stiffer sentence(50-life) for raping and beating up a 13 year old girl. 5 years is an outrage.

Isn’t he being charged with another attack in the park as well that happened a few months before Chelsea was attacked? They’re also looking into another disappearance of a different 15 year old that he could possibly be connected to .

It wasn’t smart to go jogging in a park where a woman was previously attacked either. A lot of young people never think this kind of thing will ever happen to them, despite all the warnings they hear.

This is so unfortunate. You are right, young people can often think “it won’t happen to me.” I used to think that way when I was that age, too, when my parents would tell me to be careful or not go somewhere alone.

I think that a skill in self defense for women is essential these days, because, as we have seen, it can happen to anybody, anytime, perhaps when least expected.

I am passing along a very helpful and concise online video on self defense for women. It is 8 min 25 sec. I think this is something women should all have a basic knowledge of. I hope that none of you are ever in a situation of possible attack, but we should know what to do if it were to ever happen. Knowing how to defend yourself in attack could help you get out of serious danger and harm. I would really like each of you to watch it, please.

The video might seem kind of unprofessional or silly at first, and it does have annoying back ground music, BUT it really is excellent! It is very, very concise and covers a lot within the 8 minutes. Watch it for yourself and remember the tips!!!

Please forward this to your friends if you’d like.

Let me preface this by saying that I am old enough to be receiving Social Security. Some of the tips are obvious to someone who has been on the earth this long, and some of them (like making eye contact and speaking to a suspicious lurker) may be something a person of my generation would never even think of. (For those who haven’t viewed the video–it’s so the stranger knows you have looked at him and could possibly describe him.)

I’m afraid I didn’t watch the whole 8 minutes. How can I charitably say that Kassandra’s cleavage was a bit problematic to my mind. :o

Perhaps she addressed the matter of modesty later on in the video?

Anyway, thanks for the tips…

I hope to have kids in the future, and if I have a daughter-I’m going to demand she walks with a pit bull, takes martial arts classes, and carries a .38 snub nose with her!

You are right, Another Mary, the one disadvantage of the video was the shirt, and, yes, lack of modesty can definitely attract predators.

Thank you for taking a look at the video.


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