San Diego Diocese


Does anyone know what’s going on down there? I just heard the Diocese had secreted some funds that should have been made available to the court re ongoing litigation.


There is a lot going on down here in the continuing litigation over a proposed settlement with victims of abuse at the hands of Diocesan Priests.

Charges are flying hot and heavy over the settlement, the Diocese’s finances and ability to pay etc etc.

The Diocese says it cannot pay as much as people want and tried to claim bankruptcy, probably not the best move that they could have made in retrospect as the Diocese down here owns a lot and I mean a lot of real estate, not all of it church related in nature.

They have also apparently tried to claim that each individual church owns its own property and these properties do not come under the ownership of the Diocese directly.

It is not a good situation at all and reflects very very badly on the Diocese and our Bishop, who I think is trying to do the right thing but has gotten terribly bad advice from Diocesan lawyers and others…

Just my opinion and nothing more.


Here’s an interesting paper from a lawyer about this sort of thing and how complex it gets


From what I have read the lawyers tried to play games with the judge. :eek:

Never a good idea. Rule #1 The judge always wins.


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