San Francisco Archbishop-elect apologizes for drunk driving arrest.

How in the world do these things keep happening? :mad: Discuss…

Well he was having a dinner party with a few friends, and his mother and he obviously had too much to drink, but he drove anyway.

It happens to thousands of people, and doesn’t make him a bad person, or a bad bishop. It might make him a more humble or grounded person though.

He needs to pray lots, and he needs lots of prayers.

Just a case in point that we should all be careful not to drink over the legal limit when we intend to drive.

It makes him a human person, when we drive even with a little over the limit the whole world does not know about it, but because he is a Catholic and a Bishop he has to face the world with it, why do the Papers make have to report " all things Catholic that are slightly out of place, I am sure there are other Religious leaders with the same problem but its not plastered over all the papers, we need to tell the papers to cop themselves on,we are not interested.:frowning:

Simply put, he showed bad personal judgement. If he wasn’t “hammered,” as I assume he wasn’t, then I’ll leave it at that, and hope he shows better judgement in his personal life in the future. A shame, none-the-less.

However, before anyone goes on a moral tangent, let’s keep in mind, he is human, and prone to human error. He wasn’t acting in his Religious function, and I see no way in which this should reflect on his spiritual life and spiritual judgement.

Truly, it is sad that his good reputation should be tarnished by one dinner-party worth of poor personal judgement.

We should pray for him.

Oh but this is bad!

This same Archibishop, known as a strong defender of Marriage was just appointed by Pope Benedict in what was seen as a bold move to straighten up things in the diocese of San Fran.

What happens now?

It’s a conspiracy I tell ya!

What are the details? Was he driving oddly on the road? If not, in a free society he should not have been pulled over. Of course, this isn’t a free society anymore.

If he’s guilty, he’s guilty. And no matter what, it is wrong. Let us not try and justify, instead let us pray for him.

No, it is not necessarily wrong.

It was a DUI check point and according to his excellency he was in the wrong.

This is WRONG.

Something like this could very well impinge on his ability to lead change in San Francisco. Simply put if you have been given the responsibility this man has, you DO NOT drink and drive, period.

There is no room to waffle. A person of his statue should NOT drink and drive. You need or want to drive? Simple. Stick to non-alcoholic beverages!

Of course it’s wrong! :rolleyes: He’s lucky he didn’t hurt someone.

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