San Francisco looks to ban free lunch at tech companies


San Francisco bans free meals.

No joke.


The Nanny State intervenes again.


What is the city going to do if those companies simply put up a sign over the cafeteria saying it’s a restaurant? It could issue chits to the employees that they could spend like money in the “restaurant”. This is a financially determinable benefit, so the employees are paying income taxes on these meals, after all. I’m guessing S.F.'s complaint is that the city isn’t getting sales taxes or business permit fees.


This reminds me of the tract where the Parisian guild of candlemakers petitioned the city to make everyone have to close their shutters during the day because the sun was stealing their business.


This probably hits the nail on the head. I’m willing to bet the supporters of the proposed law do support free college and free abortions, so its not about a service being free…its about lost tax revenue.


From the article

Safai painted the measure as a boon to work-life balance. “This is also about a cultural shift,” he told the Chronicle. “We don’t want employees biking or driving into their office, staying there all day long and going home. This is about getting people out of their office,” he said.

And I’m the queen of England.


I work for a San Francisco tech startup, although I work remotely.

It’s truly a place where reality is suspended. In what alternate dimension is it the city’s responsibility to make sure workers get out at lunch time, or eat at local restaurants, or actually do anything specific?

So, they want to screw the food service companies that supply the cafeterias in favor of restaurants? AND, they think that people won’t just take a lunch from home?

Liberals can be so stupid.


The practical effect in the short run seems to be pretty minor. It doesn’t apply to existing companies or existing buildings. If it went into effect, it would only apply to new development. It could encourage future firms to locate somewhere else other than San Francisco, depending on how important it is for them to offer free lunch.


Personally I think they ought to ban the free lunch when they ban public defecation.


Perhaps the two are related.


What idiots. The people working to provide the ‘free’ lunch would then lose their jobs. I think the problem is the people behind this really do think there is such a thing as free. They think these are magical free lunches.


the latest in the hunt for taxes


hey, hey, now…lets not get rash


here you go, fify…


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