San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr resigns after killing of woman



That was fast!


There have problems for some time. No one here was surprised.


It is clear that your police may use their guns in haste sometimes without due regard to the circumstances. However, if everyone you stop may have a gun and be prepared to kill you, your nerves may be a bit frayed come the end of shift.
As it would seem from the number of guns in your country, everyone has a gun if not two or three. There seems to be no need for police. It would be a real cost saving if they got rid of the expensive police forces across the country, allowing all free minded people to go about their business and protect themselves. Police should be used only to counsel people who may feel inclined to crime.Their training should be in non-judgmental politically correct re-education camps, used so successfully by Stalin. It should be legal, with no policing done by the State, for ordinary people to shoot if they feel threatened, outraged, or even a little peeved. Safe places for those whose feelings are hurt should be available in all public buildings, especially universities where most people seem to live in an atmosphere of outrage and tizzy fits are encouraged. These safe places could be used as transgender toilets when the sign on the door is green. Pleased be advised that any conversation on public transport, governmental buildings, schools and shopping centres is discouraged as you may inadvertently offend. Whispering together as a family is of course allowed, but only with the television up high.



Gotta love this modest proposal!


Mayor demands resignation while investigation is in “early stages” - that’s well thought out! Why doesn’t the mayor fall on his sword, since he hired that horrible chief! A single shot? Don’t they issue Glocks? Pretty easy to have an AD with one under stressful conditions. Which Mayor’s signature was on that issue order? San Fran at its, well, normal behavior.

Let’s face it: it’s the color difference. If it was some skinny, sunken-eyed white tweeker, no harm, no foul.



Well written.


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