San Francisco Public Library’s Most Commonly Stolen Book: Michael Savage’s ‘Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder’

San Francisco Public Library’s Most Commonly Stolen Book: Michael Savage’s ‘Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder’

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - JANUARY 11: A library patron looks at a book at the main branch of the San Francisco Public Library on January 11, 2011 in San Francisco, California. California governor Jerry Brown proposed his budget on Monday that includes deep cuts to all sectors of California's infrastructure …

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14 Feb 2020 Breitbart News

Radio icon Michael Savage’s Liberalism is a Mental Disorder: Savage Solutions is “the most commonly stolen book at the San Francisco Public Library,” reported the San Francisco Chronicle on Friday, quoting the local library’s spokesperson.

Kate Patterson, spokesperson for the San Francisco Public Library, wrote, “The one author our head of collections has to check regularly and purchase new copies of are books by Michael Savage. We check once a year to see if all the copies are gone and reorder. We have moved to e-book for most of them, so we can ensure copies are around. The main title that disappears quickly is Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder .”

“We have found that [Michael Savage’s] political titles go missing more often,” Patterson added.

Contacted by the San Francisco Chronicle about the findings, Savage laughingly said, “What an honor . . .

. . . Savage urged left-wing persons to read his books. “I think they need an alternative viewpoint in that the entire media is skewed one way. It’s a one-party state. It’s a one-media state. I don’t think any rational liberal wants to live in an autocracy. We know what the left thinks in San Francisco. Do we know what the rational educated right thinks?”

As a resident of San Francisco, Savage often mocks the city’s left-wing culture and politics with the moniker, “San Fran-Sicko.” . . .

Sounds like liberals are hoping they can keep the
public from knowing about this by stealing the book!


Or, perhaps the kind of person who is inspired by this book is the same kind of person who thinks nothing of stealing from the library.

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While I’ve never read his books, I suspect just the opposite. I expect he isn’t a socialist.


I would say the book is not so much inspiring as truth
revealing. And for a conservative, once the book had been read, they would want to return it for others to
read. Whereas, a liberal, would want to keep the book
off the bookshelf and out of the public’s view.

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You made the mistake of assuming I was referring to conservatives when I said “those who are inspired by this book.” I wasn’t. I respect good conservatives too much to think that they consider a competing political philosophy a mental disorder. They would not. The Republicans in the Senate do not consider the Democrats to be all suffering a mental disorder. Ronald Reagan did not consider Tip O’Neill to be suffering from a mental disorder. There isn’t a single decent conservative who thinks that liberals are all suffering a mental disorder. Those who do believe that are likely the kind who have no respect for libraries or librarians (who tend to be liberal) and therefore have no need to return a book. But you are welcome to your opinion that it is liberals who are stealing books from the library. My opinion is that it is from people who really do share the disrespectful attitude of the author and just wanted the book for themselves forever without wanting the library to know anything about them.

Not even your fellow liberal posters are gonna have your back on this post bud.

Hilarious stuff.

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Not as hilarious as thinking that liberals would waste their time stealing a book they know is just going to get replaced. Liberals love libraries and do not want to see them fail.

I would venture that identifying Presidents with Jesus Christ, as I have seen several people do, is more indicative of a mental disorder. It’s also idolatry.

Now, do bear with me, but does that sound like liberals to you?

If you read the article you’ll find this:

Among its 28 branches, the San Francisco library makes 2.75 million items on its shelves available for the public to check out. In general, the subject genres that most commonly go missing are “paranormal” and “conspiracy theories.” San Francisco isn’t alone in this. In Susan Orlean’s new book “The Library Book,” it’s revealed titles by conspiracy theorists are also stolen the most at the Los Angeles Public Library. Savage himself has been called a conspiracy theorist by publications like the Washington Post and the Guardian.

I suppose that one could develop a conspiracy theory that anti-conspiracy theory conspirators are conspiring to keep the public in the dark about conspiracy theories. Some might even find it fun to do so. But I think that the simplest and most plausible explanation, consistent with the facts in hand, is that library books are checked out by people who want them, and that checked out books are not returned by people who either forget to do so, or want to keep them.

Oh, man, today in Church the Father discussed that anger should not enter our hearts along with lust.

I can’t listen to someone like Michael Savage because when I’ve listened it’s usually raw anger. I don’t associate Catholicism with Republicanism or with Michael Savage. Other posters have mentioned as Catholics we are something unique from political party or political affiliation. I don’t identify with the direction the Democrats are going either with Bernie Sanders. So, if he wins the nomination I won’t vote for him. I didn’t vote for Hillary or Trump either. I did vote for Obama.

I’m not one to condemn but as scripture in Church taught us today, we as Catholics should be above the anger in this country. I myself don’t watch any cable news and don’t consume most talk radio. I favor being thankful to live in the community I do where there is a diversity of cultures, religions, political affiliations. Like I tell everyone, there is nothing government can do to ruin my life or enhance my life. I don’t look to government for anything.

So, go to mass today and listen to scripture as was instructed do not let anger enter your heart. Let us all be Catholics before political affiliation. Again, depending on who the nominee is I’ll just vote State and Local and I will vote for the best candidate for the community.

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No I think 7 Sorrows theory is more accurate

There is no link to the survey.

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You know, I probably think this is true, assuming that depression and other ‘minor’ mental illnesses are included.

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It takes time to recognize a book is stolen, then get queued for replacement (mabye).
So stealing it takes it out of circulation for weeks/months/permanently.
Liberal version of book burning.


Given that this is San Francisco, it probably is literally burned. Homeless people need to keep warm after all.

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So, going by your post, you implicitly admit that book burning is a CONSERVATIVE phenomenon but this is a liberal version of book burning? Wouldn’t it be then just as logical to assume that this is a modern means of book burning done by conservatives who want to possess their own copy of this book rather than share it with the public, given that liberals are traditionally opposed to the relatively modern form of book burning, which is censorship?

There is no logic to these made up scenarios about who is taking the book why they are not returning it. None.

I’d say every political group has had a version of book burning in their past/present. I’m dead set against people starting little bonfires, especially with library books.

I am OK with parents fighting certain books in schools, but not burning them.

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