San Francisco Set to Welcome New Roman Catholic Archbishop with Pomp and Protests

On the one hand, his fellow Catholic conservatives in San Francisco rejoice that bishop Cordileone is being made made their archbishop, but, on the other hand, he is facing hostility in a city that has been called the gay capitol of America, since the new archbishop has a national reputation as a fierce defender of the Catholic position of opposing gay marriage. As this article comments, the archbishop is one of the conservative bishops Pope Benedict has been putting into U.S. dioceses.

Roma locuta est, causa finita est.
Forsit, San Francisco?

Rome has spoken, case closed.
Problem, San Francisco?

Look what God did to Babylon and take heed.

From the WaPo article

Those concerns prompted Marc Andrus, the Episcopal bishop of California, this week to write an open letter to his parishioners stating that while he planned to attend Thursday’s ceremony and to work with the new archbishop on issues such as immigration reform, he would also welcome into the Episcopal fold Catholics who “may find themselves less at home with Salvatore Cordileone’s installation.”


That last bit sounds a lot like poaching. I suppose its no different than the Catholic Church luring away Church of England priests and parishioners in the UK. But still, its a bit jarring to read.

Here is the full text of Bishop Andrus’ letter

Let them complain and protest, it’s not going to hurt us any. We know we are right, and we must be concerned with our own souls first, not with having a good public image.

Hopefully it doesn’t turn violent… though that would certainly show that’s culture’s true colors…

I hope this new Archbishop will excommunicate Nancy Pelosi…show her she can’t mess around and be for abortion and claim to be a practicing catholic.

I totally agree. Let them complain and protest all they want. It won’t hurt us one bit. To be honest, I am glad that Rome has chosen to put a priest like him in a diocese like what will soon be his. Maybe he can clean up some of the unorthodoxy going on in the area.

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