San Jose CA Mass recommendations

I’ll be traveling to San Jose in mid September. I would like a recommendation for Saturday afternoon/evening mass. Traditional music would be a plus. Thank you.

If you’re after a more traditional (though not TLM) Mass, then there’s Our Lady of Peace. I’ve also heard good things about Holy Cross.

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My husband has been to San Jose several times on business. San Juan Bautista was a historic mission, and he loved it! He also like Carmel by the Sea mission. If you can get out of the city, perhaps you could try a mission Mass.

Thank you, Our Lady of Peace looks beautiful.

I visited and attended mass at Carmel mission on my last trip in May. Yes that is a beautiful church and grounds with lots of history.

I can only speak to their English (Ordinary Form) and Latin (Extraordinary Form) Masses, but Five Wounds in downtown is beautiful, centrally located, and quite traditional. Their Anticipated Mass of Sunday (AKA “Saturday Vigil”) is in Portuguese though so that might be out of the question for you. They do have a daily Extraordinary Form Mass at Noon on Saturday. I assume when you say “Saturday afternoon/evening Mass” you mean one that satisfies your Sunday obligation? If there’s any way for you to attend Sunday instead they have quite a number of Masses that might fit your schedule:

For latin masses in the sf bay area. They have a section for the south bay. Masses/

Immaculate Heart of Mary Oratory at Five Wounds Portuguese National Church

- 1375 East Santa Clara Street, San Jose
- Sunday at 8:30 AM and 9:45 AM (Low Masses)
- Sunday at 12:30 PM (High Mass)
- Monday through Friday Low Mass at 12:15 PM
- Saturday Low Mass at 7:30 AM
- Confessions heard before all Masses
-  **Feast of the Assumption at 12:00 PM (Low Mass)**
-  **Feast of the Assumption at 5:45 PM (High Mass)**

Thank you all for the replies.

I have a family get together Sunday near Yosemite. That’s why I plan to attend vigil mass on Saturday.

Our Lady of Peace (Santa Clara) is wonderful!
Reverent silence by the faithful before and after Mass.
Reception kneeling at the altar, tongue or hand.
Confessions in the adjacent hall before, after, and during the first part of every Mass.
The Ignatius Pew Missal.

And more…all Ordinary Form!

If all IVE parishes are like this one, I pray they start one near me. :pray:

There is also an IVE parish in Chicago, St Francis of Assisi. All masses are in Spanish. I’ll probably attend mass there soon.

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As the kids say, “Uhhhhhh! Luck-eeeeee!”

I can give my experiential :+1: to that.

Our Lady of Peace used to host the Indult Latin Mass before the ICKSP came to downtown and revitalized the Portuguese Parish, after which OLP ceased offering it. They quickly moved on to the Reform of the Reform motif that characterized our Emeritus Pope, His Holiness, Benedict XVI.

OLP celebrates one beautiful O.F. Mass!

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Where in SJ will you be staying? It’s a big city (geographically) so that might help us. Also, what kind of transportation will you have at your disposal?

I will be staying just south of downtown San Jose.

I will have a rental car.

I plant to attend Saturday Vigil Mass at Our Lady of Peace.

Thanks to all.


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