San Jose School Cancels Santa Field Trip After Jewish Mother’s Complaint


Santa is not a religious figure…I guess the fact he is associated with CHRISTmas is enough for some people to complain


‘Talia said as a result of her complaint and the decision by the school board, other parents began to bully her.’

Good for them. She doesn’t deserve to be treated as part of the group she rejects.


She deserves to be bullied for having thoughts outside of the group norm? How charitable.


Talia said she is not ruining Christmas for the kids in her child’s school. “No, Santa will be there. I’m not going around to anybody’s homes asking them not to celebrate Christmas. I’m not going to go to anyone’s church or private school, but in a public school we have to design curriculum to fit everybody.

Its the don’t believe in Santa, believe in Obama curriculum. :smiley:


I think the fight in this is that she had a third option. She could’ve kept her kid home that day. I mean if she wasn’t all about getting herself heard and followed ahead of everyone else she could also have put in a petition for other parents to sign before moving in a single way to uproot a tradition. And yeah. Maybe she’s got a point. But there’s also a give and take in the society you’re in. A society without common traditions soon sort of falls away from itself. Even if the traditions are a bit odd from an outside view.


couldn’t she have just kept her child home that day or asked for an excused absence?


Could have had an observance for Santa at home. They all could be allotted a specific amount of time for culture observance.

Could have a dress code too. so for example Santa hats are not worn.


Couple similar situations, NY also.

Santa Claus is now reinstated at the school, and Department of Education officials said on Monday that the Pledge of Allegiance will be recited over the PA system every morning, in response to concerns from the community.


Christmas is an official federal HOLIday. Seems appropriate to me to observe federal holidays in schools.



”We live in a global society.”

There’s no “global society”. There is always a specific society you are living in and whose traditions you are supposed to respect.


She lives in San Jose. I wonder if she realizes what the name means. If she does, I’m surprised she hasn’t tried to get the city renamed. :rolleyes:


If its her Point of view, its ‘expressing an opinion’ if its against her, its ‘bullying’. Who raised such pathetic parents? Oh yeah, my generation…my bad.


there was also a Joseph in the Old Testament.


I don’t mind this, rather than looking forward to Santa, why can’t we simply focus on being Santas to others (tis the season of giving). He seems to linked to the secularism, materialism and consumerism of Christmas anyways.


Of course he is…an old Pentecostal friend used to always call him ‘anti- claus’, they had 4 kids and told them the truth about santa as soon as the kids could understand, they would buy some gifts for the kids, but nothing like how most families ‘celebrate’ christmas, kids expecting rooms full of expensive gifts and all.

It offends me very much how big retailers and the secular world view Christmas, usually when it comes to anything religious, retailers/ companies want nothing to do with it, they stay neutral, but when it comes to Christmas, they take full advantage of it.


Funny how no one ever gives into the Evangelicals who are against school Halloween programs because it’s a “satanic” holiday, yet at the first sign of 1 single complaint, everything Christmas is canned. Spineless.


Actually, not true. As a teacher I’ve seen the observance of Halloween continue to decline over the last decade or so



On the other hand, California has been through a LOT of horror lately, they can be forgiven for being over sensitive at least for this season…


Interesting, eventually nothing from our predominant culture will be celebrated in public schools anymore. They’ve already discarded the beautiful centuries-old carols for generic winter songs written by 21st-century P.C. administrators (“We Wish You a Happy Holidays” as I heard at my niece’s concert), so eventually even Valentine’s will be scrapped… it probably already is somewhere.


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