I had a difference of opinion with many and seek justification
altho i await the Lord to guide.
ccc#846-856. granted we are to evangelize the world to the 4 corners to pray for conversion of the world which at one time,was Hebrew,catholic or Pagan. Now i have a problem tho my wording im sure will be amiss. If there is no Blessed Sacrement, no Arc of the covenant, no Transsubstiation, no priests, no crusifix,and you do not drink of his BLOOD or Eat of his Body… How is it you can have life in you? Now i love my Brother, my Enemy,and my Lord and Savior but how in the world can my god which i know is in all and of all be in a church or people who chose to leave him hundreds of years ago,tho not all ignorent,since once before god you could never leave usless of Satan im sure. We are told only thru ignorence will Gods grace transcend to those outside the faith,meaning the one true church? This thread is of Sanctification outside the church!

That section in the Catechism only refers to extenuating means by which a person MIGHT be saved. CCC#1257 says: “God has bound salvation to the sacrament of Baptism, but he himself is not bound by his sacraments…” The Church acknowledges that God in His mercy and justice may grant the grace of the sacraments to someone innocently ignorant of the truth if He so chooses.
Also, I think the term you mean is “salvation outside the Church”—not “sanctification outside the Church.” Sanctification means being made holy and occurs after initial justification.

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