Sanctifying Grace: the True Essence of What Saves


Behold, in the end, it is the possession of ALL three theological virtues that save, not merely faith. One needs,… faith, … hope,… and LOVE, and the most important is LOVE.

And the RCC all but dogmatizes that sanctifying grace is the same thing as LOVE.

Behold, only those who possess the presence of sanctifying grace in their souls at death shall see God forever in heaven.

Sanctifying grace is a finite, created participation in the Divine Life and Love of the Trinity. With it, and ONLY with it, can one love God and neighbor [and self] in a manner which is like unto how the Three Divine Persons love One Another, and how these Three Divine Persons, One God, love the creatures with free will on earth that they have created.

Salvation, therefore, is consummate with Love, with the presences of habitual grace in the soul.

For God cannot consider you to love Him and others, which is righteousness, if you do not truly have it.

Hence, heretics are seduced by the dragon when they say unto themselves, “I possess no ontological righteousness that pleases God, I am only imputed the perfection of Christ.”

This is a great heresy that threatens the salvation of the heretics who succumb to it. And the devil likes it. For the devil knows and accepts all truth from God, but he trembles, as the Apostle saith. And why? Because he does NOT love God, he does not desire His Will, nor does it.

Hence, it is not merely those who know and accept what is true that shall be saved, but those who DO the Will of God.

So saith the Apostle James, and the Christ. No wonder Luther didn’t like St. James, and called it an epistle of straw.

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