Sanctity Made Easey


This work by JeanPierre de Caussade, a spiritual writer of classical renown and respect, though a lengthy work all in all including The Counsels and Letters…is an invaluable aide to living the Spiritual Life in Peace and Joy in all circumstances and in the greatest of simplicity. It is not only a work for nuns, religious and priests…but for the layperson as well.

Section IX. Sanctity Made Easy.


Extract from Chapter XI only:…"[FONT=Verdana][FONT=Arial][size=2]I believe that if those souls that tend towards sanctity were instructed as to the conduct they ought to follow, they would be spared a good deal of trouble. I speak as much of people in the world as of others. If they could realise the merit concealed in the actions of each moment of the day: I mean in each of the daily duties of their state of life, and if they could be persuaded that sanctity is founded on that to which they give no heed as being altogether irrelevant, they would indeed be happy."…

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Section III. How to Discover what is the Will of God.

Extract from Section III only: …"If we understood how to see in each moment some manifestation of the will of God we should find therein also all that our hearts could desire. In fact there could be nothing more reasonable, more perfect, more divine than the will of God. Could any change of time, place, or circumstance alter or increase its infinite value? If you possess the secret of discovering it at every moment and in everything, then you possess all that is most precious, and most worthy to be desired. What is it that you desire, you who aim at perfection? Give yourselves full scope.

[quote]Your wishes need have no measure, no limit

. However much you may desire I can show you how to attain it, even though it be infinite. ."…




[LEFT]Extract from above only…"

[quote]All ways

should be esteemed 56and loved, because in each we should behold that which is ordained by God accommodating itself to each individual soul, and selecting the most suitable method of effecting by it the divine union. The duty of the soul is to submit to this choice, and to make none for itself; and this without dispensing itself from esteeming and loving this adorable will in its work in others. For instance, if this divine will should prevent me saying vocal prayers, having sensible devotion, or receiving lights on mysteries, I should still love and esteem the silence and bareness induced by the sight of the faith of others;…"[/LEFT]


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