'Sanctuary city for unborn' ordinances take off in Texas despite pro-choice pushback." A report

Since June 2019, 13 Texas municipalities have enacted “sanctuary city for the unborn” ordinances to outlaw abortion within their boundaries, to the distaste of pro-abortion partisans.


Yes, that’s a great thing.


Great idea. Let’s see what leftists think of that!
I welcome all positive steps to protect the unborn.


So literally all an unwillingly pregnant woman has to do to circumvent this rebellion against the rule of law is drive to the next town over?

Am I understanding this correctly?

If these places are actually identified by an ordinance on the books, I bet a Vegas bookie somewhere is taking bets on how long before the court inevitably strikes it down…


I was hoping that declaring a town a sanctuary city meant they were enacting programs to help women to decide against abortion…like having specific charities set up to provide rent assistance, medical assistance, adoption and free daycare. Alas, it’s just trying to somehow circumvent the law. Can they do that? Or, will this wind up being taken through the courts, costing taxpayers to pay legal costs? I really do wish pro life groups concentrated more on solving the reasons for abortion rather than fighting settled law that goes no where.


That’s good. The less access to abortion there is in the world the better. Hopefully this brings us to a future where every baby conceived gets to be born.


I hope for this, too. I also hope for a future where every baby conceived was desired to be conceived.


Given the bed-rock low rates of abortion these days thanks largely to education and contraceptives, we’re pretty much already there.

The last steps won’t be taken by denying women control over their bodies. The last steps will be taken when all women are guaranteed paid maternity leave of at least one year, paid medical care for mom and baby, and access to quality daycare when baby is at least a year old so mom can return to the workforce and try to reclaim some of the earning power she surrendered by having a baby.

Don’t get out the shackles. Get out your wallet.


They could do both perhaps?


How many clinics are in the state of Texas? There are plenty but some states have only one in the whole state. So, already, your statement seems to lack recognition of these facts.

Further, right now, 12-13% of the population is getting a third of all abortions and one-half of their babies are who are aborted.

There is a real racial dimension here.

Seeing pro-choice demonstrators as white women is a highly deceptive picture. These are just '70s feminist arguments.

It affects minorities disproportionately. There will be no real peace as long as life is seen as disposable in the communities most affected.

If this were going on in China to a minority group it would be discussed at the U.N.

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No, the drop in clinics stems from a lack of demand. Education and contraception are winning the war against abortion.

Sure. The Pareto Effect, observable pretty much everywhere. Work. School. Industry. You name it.
In short, the majority of some instance being caused by a small percentage of possible causes.

Well, a lot of them are white. Lot of white faces in this recent picture…

The world over largely hasn’t and doesn’t treat the unborn as full-blown people.

The “bad” side to this is that abortion becomes a legal possibility. The “good” side is that a woman isn’t criminally investigated if she miscarries or has a stillbirth. Pluses and minuses, like anything else.

Single Parent Homes, much fewer before welfare. Details above.

Do we really want to make life better for all?

Thomas Sowell who just turned 90 years old. I use to read him years ago in Forbes.

He points out to the progressive, leftist, self-proclaimed savior of the Black people. They have caused more damage to the Black family than segregationist laws. The progressives have removed the father from the equation and replaced him with the “welfare state.”


Just wondering.

When it comes to clamping down on things like drugs, do you also believe it is equally ineffective because people can just drive until they find a place where it is legal?

200 years ago, the world over most places didn’t treat slaves as full-blown people.

Things changed because courageous people demanded change.


This is utter whataboutery.

We are discussing sanctiuary cities, right?

Is there any sanctuary city that has such a statute? Or is this just grasping for straws?

They don’t. And won’t.

I think that’s true. Given the wild drug epidemics gripping the US, I think most drug laws, at this point, serve mostly to line the pockets of the heavily lobbied private contract prison industry.

If a guy or gal wants to smoke themselves out of existence, they’re going to. Spend the drug enforcement money elsewhere.

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Sure. The difference between a white man and a black man is arbitrary.

The difference between the a grown woman and a fetus is not arbitrary. This is why the war against abortion was lost in the US, is being lost elsewhere and will likely never again rise as a genuine popular concern.


Read the article. It specifically speaks of ordinances.

It’s best to look before one shoots.


By the same logic you could say the difference between a mentally handicapped person and a normal person is not arbitrary.

It is not for us to decide which life has worth and which doesn’t.

Especially not for reasons of seeking profit.

And we all know the real reason planned parenthood is pulling all the registers is that they see their business and fancy bonuses at risk. A business that pays top executives fancy salaries with the blood of the defenceless.

Shame on you.

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