Sandbox thread!


I’m creating this thread just to provide a place for me or anyone else to try out some of the new things you can do on the forum with the new design.

As with many social media sites, you can now tag another user by mentioning them.

@Joe_5859 is a great guy!

This is me checking out what Preformatted text looks like. I can add such text by clicking the button or just by using the little character that looks almost like a single quote, except it is slanty and is on the key way up in the top left hand side of my keyboard where I've never noticed it before.

I can also make a heading by clicking the “H” in the post edit options:


That added two hashtags before the word “Heading” and now displays the word in a large bold font. What happens if I use just one hashtag?


:thinking: They look the same.

Here is a horizontal rule

You can get that by hitting the dash icon or by inserting ten dashes in a row.

Lists are easy to start by simply using an asterisk followed by a space and then the item:

  • One
  • Two
  • Three

Or by simply typing in numbers followed by a period and a space:

  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three

But how to add sub-points?

  • One
    • Part one
      • Section one

I’ll have to play around with that one some more. Adding an extra asterisk with a space indents the bullet point and changes the symbol, but it adds extra lines and bullet points.

  1. One
    1.a Part one
    1.1 Part one (alternate)

The numbering is easier to type in this way.

I think that’s enough to get things started! Feel free to jump in and make nonsensical posts in an attempt to figure out the new tools at our disposal. :slight_smile:

Sandbox - we need one

Here I am replying to my post to see if the reply bar shows up at the top.


Here I am trying that again


I am trying one more time now.


I’m just seeing if some of the old quirks apply here as well.


I don’t remember saying that! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m trying to play around and figure out why it is that sometimes you will see the Reply to at the top of a post and sometimes not. Maybe it didn’t work because I was replying to my own posts.

Edit: Or maybe you just don’t see that for your own posts. :thinking: Do you see that at the top of your reply to me? I do.


It hasn’t worked for me several times too; perhaps it’s a glitch.


I hope the new forum isn’t glitching already. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ll have to keep playing around to see how the whole reply thing works.


I think it works if you do the highlight and quote way of responding.


Either we don’t know what we’re doing or all the bugs haven’t been ironed out.

Added: see? it worked that time. I don’t get it.


Or maybe not… anyway, I’m bookmarking this thread to hopefully learn a thing or two.


I just used the reply button in your post instead of the blue one at the bottom.


Yeah that’s essential. But I did that earlier (to Joe) and no ‘reply bar’ appeared in my post. So it seems to only work selectively.


I’ve also seen polls and surveys on this new format already. Is that a function of this platform or something brought in from outside (the more I type, the more obvious it becomes how little I know about how software really works)


That’s an option for any post. The last icon in the tool bar for composing posts [Icon_Options] is for “Options”. Click or tap on that and the three options are:


So not only can we insert a poll into a thread, we can actually insert it into any post!

Who thinks that is cool?

  • I think that’s cool!
  • I think that’s confusing!
  • I have no strong feelings one way or the other.

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Odd. Did you do anything differently the second time?


I will have to experiment more to learn these things


To quote you i hit reply then the “quote whole post” button. lets see if i get the bar


this time i just highlighted the text and hit the quote button that appears, is there a difference?


Not that I’m aware of.

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