Sandbox thread!


i dont see the reply bar in either, even when i briefly logged out to avoid “looking at my own posts”

Interestingly with the third reply to this post in a row i got a popup telling me to consider replying to several posts at once to make it easier for everyone to read.


No on both counts.

But yes for Tomarin’s post.

The plot thickens. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Edit: Now this post has the bar for Xystus, but not for Tomarin. I highlighted the text and clicked the quote button for all three quotes. The bar reveals Xystus’ first post, but not the second.


interesting, maybe the bar only appears once its far enough back to where it would not be easily scrolled to to find it?


Let’s try again.


Here I try again

EDIT: I hit the reply button but didn’t quote and it appeared


Quoting again to see what will happen

EDIT: It didn’t appear here, but this is a quote of a post that is a reply to another post. I wonder if that makes a difference.

EDIT #2: Now it did appear. Maybe sometimes it takes time? Or is it because I edited the post? Now I’m really confused. :crazy_face:


typing text here

I’m trying to play around and figure out why it is that sometimes you will see the Reply to at the >

Typing text here also

top of a post and sometimes not. Maybe it didn’t work because I was replying to my own posts.>

why would I bother with blocks

when I can just highlight an hit quote?


How did you enter @Joe_5859?
Just by long typing?


How did you quote @tomarin s post? Copy and past?


Yes,@Blue_Horizon. All you do is put the @ sign and type in a user’s name. You’ll know it worked when the preview screen puts in a slightly greyed out hyperlink.


Why can i not see @tomarin?


Because you misspelled his user name. It’s @tomarin. :wink:

Edit: I see you fixed it already. :slight_smile:


Tried that too??[quote=“Joe_5859, post:32, topic:449515, full:true”]

Because you misspelled his user name. It’s @toma. :wink:

Edit: I see you fixed it already. :slight_smile:


It works now. At least for me.


Still doesnt work. The lists disappear after @Toma


Any advice on this…?


Hi @Xystus,

The same thing had happened to me too, last night, when I was going to write a response to another member’s post.

I was actually quite surprised to see a helpful message like that, telling me that I should use the @ sign so that I could address my comments to more than one member at a time in my post.

As I write this, @christofirst might be interested in reading this as well (as I think about discobot).

If I also recall correctly, it was also telling me something like that I should reply to more than one person in my post too, instead of answering a post individually, as replying to more than one person in a post fosters more of a sense of community.

Sometimes when I use the @ key, it doesn’t always bring up the member’s name, or their name gets cut off at the bottom of my screen when the list comes up, if there’s a longer list of names of members who have been active on that particular thread that I’m replying to.


I feel like a genie in a bottle. “Did you summon me, @oldgraymare2 ?” I was in another thread when the alert appeared by my top right little icon thing.


Hi @christofirst,

I mentioned you in this thread, as I thought that you might be interested in what I was saying regarding getting a message from the forum software last night, when I was in the process of typing a response to a member’s post.

I was given a helpful message that instead of just replying to one person, I should use the @ symbol and respond to more than one member at a time in my posts, or use multiple quotes even, to reply to more than one member at a time, too.

The gist of it was so that we could provide more of a sense of community towards others in our posts.

The only thing though, was that my message was really geared for that one particular person. :grin:

I was thinking of you because of discobot and T-1s and the funny conversation that we had the other day about that! LOL!! :grinning: :robot:


Are you looking for advice about quoting other people’s posts?

I made a post about quotations in the Tips/shortcut thread:

Your question gives me an excuse to try out inserting posts from other threads. :slight_smile: If you click on the timestamp of a given post, a box pops up with a URL that directs someone directly to that post. There are also options to share the post to Facebook, Twitter, by email, or even to use that post to start a new thread. In this case, I just copied and pasted the URL. But this will be handy to keep in mind for those moments when someone raises a good question in the middle of a thread that is a little off topic. It will be super easy to spin it off into its own thread.

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