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That is why Sanders wasn’t going to get the nomination from the start, aside from the Clinton intimidation factor.

Even though his supporters like to cite better poll numbers against the GOP, no Congress would ever pass this plan and his good numbers would probably drop dramatically once the details of his plans came out.

Even the mainstream media couldn’t ignore the hard numbers for long.

Thanks, SL!

I’m interested to see what happens in Arizona. Frankly, a great many of my Democratic friends are Bernie supporters.

I’ve often thought that he might have really had a chance to take Hillary is he were 10 years younger,

I think that his supporters at my school are annoying! They don’t support him for good reasons like some CAFers, but for homosexual marriage and unlimited abortion, etc, etc.

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Sanders has certainly hit a nerve with young voters. I think it is important to try to understand why.

Bernie was in Flagstaff at a Native American casino last Thursday. He is returning tomorrow evening to an outside venue. Flagstaff is in the mountains. Temperatures will be dropping after 5pm. Coconino County is very liberal and Northern Arizona University is in Flagstaff and the Navajo Indian reservation is nearby. Bernie probably has a lot of supporters up here.

One of the rules of politics is if you want x, ask for 1000x.

You Really need to change your Electrol System,
Because every 4. Years you create this Circus ,
And get someone who’s not the right man for the Job ,
The President should be Elected by a joint sitting of the House of Rep &. Senate ,
And people are nominated by State Governors ,
Surely it can’t be worse than your Annual Circus

He is promising free stuff. Young voters live in an idealistic world and think what Bernie is promising is attainable. When they get out from under academic persuasion, and have to earn their own way, many of them will change their minds.

and it is an expensive circus too!

I don’t think this is near as representative of the millennial crowd as most people would like to claim/believe/assert.

Most of the big things Bernie is proposing don’t really help them directly:

  1. Universal Health Care: The people who need health care least at this point in time is obviously going to be the young people. Most Bernie voters simply don’t have a large amount of personal use for free health care at the moment.

  2. Free college education: Bernie’s biggest voting base is people in or just out of college. Their personal benefit would likely be limited to a drop in interest rates on their current loans if that.

  3. Paid Family leave: This does help them directly, but it is also a policy that has something like 90% national support and we are the only industrialized nation that doesn’t have it. Considering the huge support and success in all other parts of the world it should be an obvious policy but as always in American politics the ‘narrative’ is more important than data and rational decision making so we don’t have it and getting it anytime soon looks questionable.

  4. Reinvesting in infrastructure: It is going to happen eventually, just a question of whether it occurs before or after the catastrophic failures start occurring.

  5. $15/hour minimum wage. This is likely to benefit a good number of them, but there isn’t any noteworthy income or education level based voting block in Bernie’s voter demographics so considering where median wages are nationally it appears that 30-40% of his voting block wouldn’t see a benefit from it. And that is working with the assumption that lower-income voters are equally engaged politically which I assume is not true.

Sanders supporters as a whole don’t really seem to be clamoring for stuff even in their rhetoric either. The interviews and internet postings all seem to align more along the idea that young people simply hate the currently political system and climate. It is probably the same theme encouraging Trump supporters. Anything that attacks the people in power is attractive more or less.

I think he is now promising to give the Indians their land back!

He had a packed crowd in Seattle yesterday.

most of them probably don’t understand economics or a hard work ethic…the latter which gets you promotions at work…work hard and that equivalent of $15/hr could be earned, not handed to you. Of course, that amount is unrealistic for a fast food place vs being a nurse or an EMT for example


On this we can agree.

It frightens me to believe there are so many people who believe the federal government should assume control and take over all public universities in the nation. For Sanders to keep his promise about tuition free college education, this would have to happen. Otherwise, what is to stop each public university from drastically raising its tuition rates even more than they’re doing now if they know the federal government will have to pay 100% of it?

The reason college is so expensive right now is largely due to the feds. It will only be more expensive if Sanders gets his way.

The federal government doesn’t have much control over other public schooling systems besides setting educational standards so you are probably jumping the gun a bit. Accreditation requirements and a lack of funding flexibility would be the primary changes most likely.


Democrats to Sanders: Time to wind it down

[LEFT]Democratic senators of all stripes are as impressed as they are surprised by Bernie Sanders’ insurgent campaign.
But the time has come, they say, for Sanders to start winding things down.

After holding their fire on Sanders for the better part of a year, the senators — all backers of Hillary Clinton — are gently calling on Sanders to face the reality that there’s almost no chance he’s going to be the Democratic nominee. They don’t say outright he should quit; doing so would be counterproductive, they say.

I hope Sanders stays in, I suspect a lot of his supporters will stay home rather than vote for Clinton.



I would love to see Bernie beat Hillary!

Sanders declined to speak at some sort of Israeli conference, AIPAC. All of the other candidates did except for the one Jewish candidate.

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