Sanders wins Indiana Democratic primary



Sanders wins Indiana Democratic primary

Bernie Sanders is the winner of the Democratic primary in Indiana, NBC News projects.But the outcome is all but certain not to knock Hillary Clinton’s march to the Democratic nomination off course. Because Indiana Democrats allocate delegates proportionally, the close race between the two candidates ensures that Sanders will capture only a small net delegate gain, leaving him still well behind Clinton in the race for support.
** Sanders addresses voters on primary night **

         Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders addresses supporters on primary night at a rally in Louisville, Kentucky.  
       In  remarks to reporters in New Albany, Indiana, Sanders argued that he is  the better candidate to compete in a general election against Donald  Trump, whose win in Indiana Tuesday night set him on course to become  the likely GOP nominee.

“I sense a great deal of momentum,” he said. “I think that while the path is narrow – and I do not deny that for a moment – I think we can pull off one of the great political upsets in the history of the United States.”
The win for Sanders will also refresh the Vermont senator’s argument that he must fight through the final Democratic primary contests in June and continue to spread his populist message. While he trails badly in the delegate race, Sanders has suggested that superdelegates – party elders not bound to any candidate at the Democratic convention – should switch their allegiance to back him.

Go, Bernie, go!!
I wouldn’t vote for him in the general but I love his “little engine that could” campaign. Hillary basically has the nomination locked up but he’s like the grouchy neighbor telling her to get the hell out of *his *convention :smiley:


Even Aussies know what a superdelegate is in American politics. A fix. The fix is in and Hillary will be the Democrat nominee.


It is kind of surprising. With all the Republican candidates, I wouldn’t have expected their nomination process to be wrapped up before the race between Clinton and Sanders.

I wonder what would have happened if Trump ran as a Democrat.


She doesn’t need the superdelegates, though, so there’s no “fix.” The voters have chosen her as their delegate. If Sanders would show extreme popularity and win every other state, those superdelegates would move over to his side. They abandoned Hillary for Obama.


Bernie Sanders may end up dragging Hillary down in the general election, not that she needs much “help” from him. Assuming Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee and Trump the Republican candidate, I think it all boils down to how many Republicans do NOT vote for Trump and how many Democrats do NOT vote for Clinton. A sad commentary on American politics.




I agree, Mary.



It’s not the case that superdelegates are why Clinton is leading.

Superdelegates aren’t the reason Sanders is losing to Hillary Clinton.

Clinton’s delegate lead would triple under GOP rules.

And I post this as a Sanders supporter.


Poll: Democrats want Sanders to stay in through the convention

I think quite a lot of Republicans would want Bernie Sanders to stay in through the Democratic convention. But not for the reasons many Democrats probably want him to stay in.


It’s quite clear to me that Republicans secretly fear Hillary Clinton in a general and that is why they are rooting for Bernie.


Look at the match ups between candidates:

Bernie Sanders is doing better on the averages against Cruz or Trump than Clinton does against Cruz or Trump.


I don’t put much stock in those polls and I’m a Bernie backer. Bernie hasn’t been falsely attacked yet to the degree he would be by the Republicans as more extreme than Karl Marx which I’ve little doubt would happen if he were actually the nominee.


I agree. The socialist angle would be played to the hilt. In addition to this, Sanders’ age and his religion are not selling points. I am also a Sanders supporter; but if he falls short in the delegate count while Hillary Clinton has the required delegates or close to it, I feel Sanders should graciously suspend his campaign and support Hillary, the way she supported Obama at the 2008 Democratic Convention after a hotly contested primary.


I don’t doubt for a minute that Sanders will endorse Clinton if she takes the convention. Of course he will. And most of his current supporters will vote for her. Some few will stay home because of a lack of enthusiasm. But nearly all who do vote will vote for her unless Trump pulls off some appeal that I can’t presently imagine.

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