Sandra Fluke: Unwanted children are ‘barriers’ to success

Washington, D.C., October 30, 2012 (LifeSiteNews) – Pro-contraception activist Sandra Fluke, on a speaking tour for Barack Obama’s re-election campaign, continues to parrot the Obama administration’s party line that children are one of the biggest roadblocks to women’s success.

“Equality,” Fluke said in an October 15 interview with the Cornell Daily Sun, means “the ability to control your reproduction so that that a career is a realistic goal and something that can be achieved and not derailed” by a baby.

Fluke, the Georgetown law school student who stepped into the limelight earlier this year after she was blocked from testifying at a hearing on religious freedom and the Obama administration’s HHS mandate, also said she does not believe she is “entitled” to contraception.

I’m sick. This woman is UNBELIEVEABLE!!! :mad::mad::mad::mad:

I’m starting to regain trust in women again!!! You’re not???

The infamous “gender gap” has disappeared!!! YAY WOMEN!!! I was truly starting to doubt the females of the nation but I see there is hope.

With women like this able to convince them to have massive amounts of casual sex and murder their babies when they inevitably get pregnant, and then demand the taxpayer fork over the money to pay for it? It’s kinda hard to trust women like them, doncha know?

Georgetown have gone in the wrong direction if this the worldview that somebody comes out of there with

I heard a rumor that Georgetown U. was Catholic, but I guess I could be wrong.


I’m biased, Lapey. My nieces attended Franciscan University of Steubenville. Now that is a Catholic university!

This woman is an attention…I’ll stop myself.:mad:

I don’t know…but I seem to recall people saying something similar back in the Dark Ages-of course, then it was about remaining chaste so you didn’t get pregnant and get kicked out of school.

And I thought only liberals and gay people called people who disagree with them names?

Identifying a baby as a barrier to one’s career is one thing. Advocating contraception and abortion to remove the ‘barrier’ is another. Abortion and contraception directly violate Church tenets and, naturally, tend to raise the ire of pro-life Catholics. Name-calling is inappropriate perhaps, but the issues are of extreme importance to Catholics faithful to the Magisterium and the Holy See.

Well, if she’s Catholic that’s one thing, but if she’s not-the Catholic rules don’t apply to her.

Yes it is, 100% Praise God!!! We have a couple of our kids from youth ministry there. They love it.

Perhaps she should have attended - and advocated from - a secular university. I’m not going to attend Brigham Young to advocate against teachings held closely by Mormons. Just a thought.

God’s rules still apply. The gate to salvation is narrow, many take the wide path to destruction.

It is our comission to spread the truth, not only live by it.

Exactly, a Catholic university is exactly that, Catholic. If you cannot deal with that transfer, or buy your own birth controll and/or abortion.

They absolutely apply to her, because the Catholic Church is the deposit of the Truth. She (and some in society) may think that the rules don’t apply to her, but that doesn’t make it so.

Now if a Muslim said that the rules of Islam applied to you because that faith is the deposit of the Truth, how would you respond? His belief would be just as sincere as yours, and he would feel just as strongly that everyone should obey the rules of his faith.

We live in a pluralistic society under a Constitution that guarantees freedom of religion to everyone, and establishes no religion on anyone. When people choose to commit to the Church here, they do it because in their mind and heart they have come to believe in Her truth-not because they are forced by civil law. It means we who are in the Church are responsible for leading others in and the burden is on us to show them why they should. It also means that whether people come or not is in some way our responsibility.

The difference is that the Muslim would be wrong in saying so. I am not wrong in saying so.:slight_smile:

I’d respond by telling him kindly to stick it in his ear, BTW.

That will really show him the truth of the Catholic faith and why he should be a part of it.

“For what will it profit a man, if he gains the whole world and forfeits his life? Or what shall a man give in return for his life?” - Matthew 16:26

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