Sandwich generation


Anyone else out there living in the sandwich generation? Husband and wife living with teenage child and elderly parents. . . life was good living all together until dad’s Alzheimer’s went out of control. Trying to cope. . . asking for prayer and does anyone else out there have similar experience?


a close friend and her husband have just put his mother in an Altzheimer care facility, a difficult situation, but the household situation was a nightmare and the children simply were not safe with her around. The rest of her children are out of town, and not part of her care at all, visiting only a couple of times a year. Friend had to quit her job, her church work, could not have friends over to the house, it was a nightmare. MIL has settled down and is much happier, and of course much safer. If you are the care-taking family, make the decision that is best for all concerned, and invite those relatives who are not interested in being part of the care-taking to feel free to offer help, but not to make these important decisions.

We still have MIL with us part of the year, hope her mental and physical health stay good, she is praying for all of us, and prays especially for “all the old people” who need care, and their caregivers. she is now praying for you, too.


Thanks for the prayers.

We all moved in together to a handicapped equipped house when Mom suffered a stroke. She still can’t walk, but can drive and get around. And can she cook! and garden! Pop was her handyman helper – he could lift the wheelchair into the car and she could drive them where they wanted to go. Now, he forgets her, wanders off and leaves her in the car. He’s forgotten her name, think she’s his mom. Thinks I’m his wife. Thinks DH is the “big guy” in charge. Thinks DD is me and rehashes old arguements he and I had back in the 70’s with her. (She’s a much better kid than I was at that age, but it wears on her .)

Wanders in and out of the room wanting to know when “the people” will get here. Wanders into neighbors’ homes – fortunately they’re good people and turn him around and send him home. Am looking into adult daycare to give Mom a break. . .

Am thinking seriously about quitting my job to be home with them all day. . . Can’t imagine sending him to a “home”. Mom wouldn’t let him go without her and she’d be miserable in an institutional envrionment.

And it’s only supposed to get worse, according to the social worker. . . .:shrug: just venting


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