Santa Monica and Communion

Santa Mónica, the mother of Saint Augustine, was married to a man who was a pagan until just before he died.

Was she able to go to Confession and Communion before her husband converted or did she have to refrain because she and her husband did not have a sacramental marriage?

Or course.

No. I am not sure what makes you think the she would.

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I don’t really know much about marriage at the time, or about her marriage specifically, but I’m guessing she was in a valid marriage and able to receive the sacraments.

She was alive when the church was still very young. They may not have had rules about dispensations and all that, but still, marriage was between one man and one woman. So her marriage to her husband, whether he was Christian or not, was valid.

Even today if you’re married to a non-Catholic or non-Christian your marriage can be valid. So if she were living today she could have gotten a dispensation if she married her husband outside of the Church. Maybe she did have to get some type of permission. Or, was she a convert after her marriage? If so, her marriage would still be considered valid. Even people today who convert from another faith tradition are still validly married when they enter the Catholic Church.

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