Santa Rosa Woman Recalls Aunt's Wartorn Journey to Catholic Sainthood (On California Niece of Saint Edith Stein)

Saint Edith Stein’s 91 year old niece, Susanne Batzdorff, has spent much of her life telling of her aunt. The last she saw of her aunt was when Edith Stein entered the convent in Europe in 1933. The Nazis would order her aunt Edith Stein out of the convent and take her to Auschwitz concentration camp, where they murdered her. Edith Stein had been Jewish like her niece, then after becoming an atheist, she converted to Catholicism in one night while reading St. Teresa of Avila’s autobiography. Saint Edith Stein’s niece, Susanne Batzdorff, along with 96 other relatives, was at the canonization ceremony of her aunt at the Vatican in 1998.

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