Sarah Huckabee Sanders says Comey wrong, Trump ‘not a liar’

*“I can definitely say the president is not a liar,” Sanders said at a press briefing. “I think it’s frankly insulting that that question would be asked.”

Comey accused the commander in chief of falsehoods during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, saying the president “lied” and “defamed” him when he claimed the FBI was in “turmoil” under Comey’s leadership.*
[Fox-owned] New York Post:


Trump fans queuing up the* “hateful media attacking Trump again!”* canard in 3,2,1, and…

Forget it Sarah. You’re the next one he throws under the bus.

Would you mind bringing the beer? :smiley:

I don’t think he is a liar either. I think James Comey, all 6’ 8" of him, is the one with the
questionable honesty. How could someone 6’ 8" be afraid of a 70 year old man.
Comey was a piece of work today - manipulative and cocky.

Take it from the Republican faithful — Trump’s not a liar, just an idiot
Top Republicans excuse Trump’s behaviour by suggesting he simply doesn’t know any better


How could someone be afraid of the man who could fire him? How could someone be afraid of the leader of the free world?

I can’t fathom how…after the dozen upon dozen times Trump has been proven to be a blatant, serial, delusional liar over the last year…and after so many have called Comey one of the most straight-shooting, honest people they’ve ever known…you can possibly think Trump is the honest one.

How, pray, are you reaching this conclusion?
How? How? HOW?
What is your reasoning and thought process?
I’ve got to know.


How could someone be afraid of a man who has had bragged about how much he loves to get revenge on people and said:

“Get even with people. If they screw you, screw them back 10 times as hard. I really believe it.”


You really think Comey came across as an honest straight shooter?

It’s truly baffling. The man has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be a serial liar. You can line up the video recordings one after the other - constant contradiction and back peddling. The only logical answer to your query? Trump supporters demonstrate many elements of a cult of personality. Their faith in Trump has become a religious faith of sorts. As the man himself arrogantly proclaimed last year, he could shoot someone on fifth avenue and not lose supporters. He’s a master con artist (Trump University has been found to be a big con)… he has these poor people, desperate for a pro-life conservative, eating out of his hand. Funny thing is, he ain’t no conservative nor does he personally, I think, have any real pro-life convictions. He’s playing a game.

Trump was the new kid on the block. It was Comet’s place to have someone tell Trump
or Comey himself tell him meeting alone is a no-no.
Comey is not naive. He was very good at CYA. He gathered his cards as he manipulated his way around Washington and would show his cards when he needed to.
He knew exactly what he was doing.

He just exudes Catholic values eh.

Comey doesn’t. He appears like another Washington Catholic that has lost his way.

How so? Besides, Comey is a Methodist so?

‘True faith in Jesus Christ’
“During my years of serving at Reveille, the entire Comey family was active, committed members of the church,” said the Rev. Steve Jones, former senior pastor at Reveille United Methodist Church and now the Richmond District superintendent. “Despite the many demands of his professional life, Jim effectively served in two primary ways: he chaired our annual stewardship emphasis, and he assisted his wife, Patrice, in teaching our middle-school Sunday class.

“It was in their teaching the middle-school class that Patrice and Jim were best known and most valued. Patrice was the primary ‘teacher,’ but Jim had a great rapport with early teens, a sense of humor and most of all, an obvious and evident true faith in Jesus Christ.

“Many of us who were parents, felt blessed that that our children were taught by Patrice and Jim; my now-grown sons still speak of Patrice and Jim’s influence on their lives,” Jones added.

“My most vivid memory of Patrice and Jim comes from the Sunday after the 9/11 attacks,” said the Rev. Mark Ogren, who was senior pastor at Reveille United Methodist Church at the time and is now the director of congregational excellence for the Virginia Annual (regional) Conference.

“I went in to check on the junior high class. Patrice and Jim were leading the discussion and then had the class members write prayers for the victims. That class was in great hands!”

In 1995, the Comeys suffered their own personal tragedy, when their 9-day-old son, Collin, died from a bacterial infection. Patrice Comey said that while infection is readily treatable and preventable, no one informed or tested her during her pregnancy. She lobbied the Virginia legislature in support of developing screening programs for all pregnant women and wrote an op-ed piece for the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Comey, another exit interview from a fired person.
Typical in HR departments all over…

Try again democrats…
Just keep shouting how bad trump is, that will be great for 2018 and 2020.

Thank goodness we will have 8 years of trump. We need it after the last 24 years…

I apologize. Comey was raised Roman Catholic, but is now a Methodist.

I am sorry they suffered the loss of their son.
I am sure he still suffers from that loss.
However, he has disappointed me over this past year in his leadership of the FBI.

I think that political short sightedness is coming back into favor. How can someone state that a poster is for one party over another.

It would be similar to saying that all college students are crybabies because some of them needed a hug in a safe place on campus to let their tears fall.

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