Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump’s presidential bid



I’d rather have Sarah endorse me than Planned Parenthood.


The calibre of the management keeps slipping down over there chaps.


I’m not even sure why this is a story at all. I mean, she’s a former governor, reality show star, and tabloid fascination. I mean, really who cares?


Well that’s the kiss of death from Sarah ‘I can see Russia from her kitchen window’ Palin. Of course they do have some things in common.’ I believe that illegal immigrants from Mexico should be put on boats and sent back across the ocean to their home country."

On an interview with Fox New, the former Alaskan governor was asked about her support of Donald Trump and his controversial views on immigration.

“I love immigrants,” she told Fox and Friends host Steve Doocey, "But like Donald Trump, I just think we have too darn many in this country. "Mexican-Americans, Asian-Americans, Native-Americans - they’re changing up the cultural mix in the United States away from what it used to be in the days of our Founding Fathers.

“I think we should go to some of these groups and just ask politely - would you mind going home? Would you mind giving us our country back?”

“Sarah you know I love you,” Doocey interjected, “And I think that’s a great idea with regards to Mexicans. But where are the Native Americans supposed to go? They don’t really have a place to go back to do they?”

Well I think they should go back to Nativia or wherever they came from,” Palin replied – as the show’s co-hosts sat in stunned silence.

“The liberal media treats Native Americans like they’re gods. As if they just have some sort of automatic right to be in this country.** But I say if they can’t learn to get off those horses and start speaking American - then they should be sent home too.**”:eek:


Actually, I think that originated at one of those satire websites. She says enough stupid stuff for real, no need to use made up stuff.


This can’t be real. That HAS to be from The Onion.


Satire Alert: Sarah Palin Did NOT Tell Native Americans To Go Back To 'Nativia’


It is indeed a satirical piece, I can’t remember exactly where from but it’s appeared on CAF before and been shown to be satire.


Say what one will, there is a segment of American society that still thinks a lot of Sarah Palin. She’s probably too diffuse of mind to be of much help to Trump on the campaign trail among the folks who have rifles in the rear window of their pickup trucks. But she could be.

I don’t know whether Trump could come across as a benefactor to blacks and Hispanics, but it’s there for him to do because the Obama economy has not helped them in the slightest, and his open borders policy has not been popular with either. If Trump can make working people believe he’ll make good jobs more available, his popularity won’t be limited to white people. Maybe Trump will hit the right note and maybe he won’t. But if he does, Hillary Clinton will be just a tawdry footnote in political history books because you can’t win the presidency with limousine liberals and university professors alone. Hillary Clinton is the candidate of reduced expectations. “No, young lady, you can’t get a job that pays decently, but here’s free contraceptives.” Trump could morph into the candidate of increased expectations if he plays it right, and if he does, he wins.

And no, Trump is not my favored candidate. But like a lot of people, I would vote for him over Hillary Clinton without the slightest hesitation.


The Russia comment originated on Saturday Night Live.

Palin must have taken leave of her senses to make such an endorsement.

The thought of Trump becoming President should terrify anyone.


Your lack of confidence in Darth Trump is disturbing:-



As we get closer to the elections the charity level tends to deteriorate.

I will be harsh on anyone violating the rules.


One point of disagreement here. Hillary Clinton is not the candidate of “reduced expectations.” She has been a champion fighting for women’s rights and children’s rights (I know, despite her stand on abortion) for many years, long before she was in the limelight due to her husband. She is quite sincere on these issues and has, if anything, higher expectations for women than most of the other candidates, Republican or Democrat.

As to Sarah Palin, I caught her rallying cry for Trump and was impressed, no matter what the media may persist in saying about her. She is not only a passionate and feisty speaker, but she has grown in her knowledge of the issues and even showed a degree of insight in her endorsement speech.

BTW, I don’t support either Clinton or Trump. I’m in favor of the avowed democratic socialist.


Palin is only one endorsement. It takes the endorsement of millions of other voters to win the Presidency.


Do you include the “womens’ rights” to earn less than men do on her staff? Perhaps her operation of the “bimbo squad”?

Writing (or having had written) two law journal articles isn’t a superlative championship of childrens’ rights. In any event, it appears her view of “childrens’ rights” is (not unexpectedly) rather more statist than the Catholic view of things, including the independent right of children to choose their own religion if it’s at odds with that of the parents.

By “reduced expectations” I meant advocating giving people meaningless and trivial “rights” like that to free contraceptives and abortifacients, while having nothing at all for people in the most important way, which is the opportunity to engage the economic world in a meaningful way for personal autonomy, with rewarding work.


Though I like Palin, I did not think her endorsement was a strong statement and I’m not sure if authentic.


I agree with you. To me, Trump even seemed a bit uncomfortable sharing the stage with her. That said, I do think it will help him in Iowa in the short term. Trump has a good lead in New Hampshire. I think that Trump figures that if he can also win Iowa he can start a ball rolling that can’t be stopped. What is she getting out of it? Maybe just a chance to be back in the limelight for a bit. Maybe he promised her something more.


I think she’s calculating that Trump will be more likely to achieve co-operation with the democrats and republicans than Cruz. She’s always been anti-establishment with a conservative leaning than a conservative ideologue. I was sure she’d eventually endorse Trump or Cruz since they’re both anti-establishment but Cruz has garnered the animosity of both sides of the aisle by fighting politics as usual.


Over here across the Pond most of us haven’t a clue what Palin is on about. As an historian I confess Palin’s views on US history and its original Constitutional foundations are so muddled they would not past the test for Us Citizenship.

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