Sarah Palin wants Mitt Romney to label President Obama as a "socialist"

Thanks for your contribution Sarah. :slight_smile:

I think her view is understandable considering many of Obama’s admin are avowed communists and socialists and Obama’s comment about redistrubution

Why not bing up Bill Ayres too? That has resonated yet enough with voters, so why now during the last three weeks.

Romney needs to hammer a positive message of America doing better in the next four years. I think resonating a positive approach during the waning weeks, especially when polls show you ahead slightly, will do more. It is too late to start a strategy that takes months to develop at this point.

Polls show a tie in the general population with Obama ahead in Ohio.

Gallup is showing Romney up 6 points over Obama, no candidate has ever been above 50% and lost this late

Nbc poll says it is a ‘statistical dead heat’ in Ohio

Technically, if you use margin of error, Nevada, Ohio, VA, FL, CO, and NH are all tied. The polls have definitely moved in Romney’s favor though in the last two weeks. Gallup’s poll today showed a 6 point lead nationally for Romney. I’d rather sit ahead with the MOE han behind, especially as the chalenger.

If a candidate wins by 2% or more nationally, it is a statistical impossibility to lose the electoral college. The election would have to be as close as Bush-Gore, or Hayes-Tilden.

She knows socialism; she can see it from her house. :smiley:

Sarah Palin wants Mitt Romney to label President Obama as a “socialist”

Isn’t that redundant?

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