Sarah Palin's "Alaska" on TLC

I heard on radio that the new television program with Sarah Palin … “Alaska” … had the highest ever ratings on TLC.

Did you see the program and what did you think of it?

I think she (Ms. Palin) is a really sweet lady who I’d like to have as my neigboor. Even though I agree with her on many, many issues, I’m not sure I’d like her as my president.

Having said that, I DID watch the show, and I really liked it. I love the outdoors, and I want to spend time in Alaska camping, hunting, fishing, etc-so clearly, I liked the show.

That scene with the bears though-I wanted to scream at them for letting the girls that close! The big brother/uncle in me was yelling at the TV! :o

If she’s going to spend all her time on that Blackberry, she needs to hire someone to run security between her daughter and her boyfriend. Or, she should be expecting her second grandchild within a year.

I liked the show. The scenery was incredible! I was proud of her for climbing that mountain when we was afraid. it took her a LONG time to get there but she did it and didn’t give up. I will definitely watch the next episode.

She seems like a good person.

I’m just not sure I agree with her doing this type of show.

Too much publicity isn’t neccessarily a good thing. Maybe she needs a better publicist:shrug:

What a nice Christian comment:(

Cute. If that’s your idea of a joke, perhaps you should change writers.

Have to agree with my bro on all accounts. :thumbsup:

That was rude. Considering her daughter is out there trying to talk about abstainance and preventing other girls from making the same mistake. We should be supporting her, not degrading her.

I saw part of the show, due to a phone call. But I liked what I saw and will try to catch more episodes in the future.

You didn’t see the show, did you?

I’m not talking about her oldest daughter, I’m talking about the next oldest daughter and her boyfriend.

He jumped the baby barricade and made his way up into her bedroom (after Sarah told him that he was not allowed to go up there).

He waited long enough to see that Sarah was busy on her Blackberry, then he threw Sarah a condescending look, jumped the barricade and high tailed it up to her daughter’s room.

Yeah I read about that part (I missed it).

Well, being a father, I’d have to say that he wouldn’t be her bf anymore and would be lucky to walk out with a severe limp, especially if I was there and he did it anyway. :mad:

I’m sure that Sarah Palin has spoken to her daughters about their sisters mistake. And that is what it is-a mistake.

Sarah Palin does seem to have a busy life, but even moms and dads who have the time to watch their child 24/7 shouldn’t and couldn’t prevent them from never having contact with a member of the different sex.

Give her break.

I’d give her a break. I’d* really *give him a break. :wink:

I was right there with Sarah climbing that mt. I don’t like heights either. Glad she made it.

That cocky obstinate boyfriend needs to be un-invited from returning to the house.

Yeah…that too.

I’d rather have a colonoscopy followed by a root canal and a trip to a Raiders game than have to watch ANYTHING with Sarah Palin in it! Puke…:mad:

Hey, that sounded like a song from “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. :smiley:

For always talking like she’s the ‘grizzly bear’ I didn’t see it on that episode.

I would have torn that girl’s boyfriend a new hole in his body.

So that wasn’t you in line I saw getting her new book? :wink:

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